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UCAT Universities UK


How Is My UCAT Score Used?

Each university will use the UCAT score in different ways to try and shortlist candidates for the UCAT.

Generally there are three different ways that universities are likely to use the UCAT score:

  1. Cut off scores for each section/overall score

  2. All top ranking candidates will be shortlisted for interview

  3. Used along with every other aspect of the application to decide who to invite for interview.

You can see how each university will use the UCAT score here


UCAT Medical Schools UK

A number of medical schools and dental schools are considered as UCAT universities, as they require you to complete the UCAT during the application process. 

It is important that you consider how each university interprets the UCAT score and therefore which university will be best for your own UCAT score

How Does Each UK Medical School Use The UCAT?

There are thirty medical schools in the UK, and each uses the UCAT in slightly different ways. It is important when applying that you have some idea which method each university employs. 

Remember to check out our UK Medical School Guide for more information on each university and how they use different aspects of the UCAT and Interview in the application process. 

Aberdeen - no cut off, used alongside rest of the application. SJT is not used (unless two similar candidates). 2019 - lowest score was 2360.

Anglia Ruskin - no cut off, candidates ranked by score and a proprtion invited to interview. SJT Band 4 is an automatic rejection. 

Aston - no cut off, used along side rest of application

Birmingham - no cut off, used along side GCSE grades to score an application. Candidates split into deciles and allocated a score based on that. Top decile needs approximately 2950 in th