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Overview of King's College London Medicine


King's College Medicine is based in the centre of London, partner teaching hospitals include the renowned Guy’s, St Thomas’s and King’s College Hospitals. GKT Medical School has three stages: stage one focuses on biomedical sciences and foundations of medicine, stage two covers the principles of clinical practice and takes place in both clinical and academic settings, and stage three focuses on vocational clinical training.


Kings College London Medicine Course Structure

King's College London Medical School's course is divided into three ‘Stages’ with an intercalation year between Stages 2 and 3. Although we offer four entry routes into Medicine, all our students follow the same core MBBS curriculum. 

Stage 1 

Provides you with a foundation in biomedical sciences and population sciences, along with the skills to begin to integrate them with clinical practice.

Stage 2 

Brings together science and clinical practice in blocks organised around the human life-cycle and common pathological processes. It focuses on the care of patients with common conditions in a range of clinical settings. You will also follow patients for prolonged periods of time to learn how to deliver whole-person care. 

Stage 3

Is oriented towards future practice, and includes the opportunity to undertake elective study abroad. You will also conduct quality improvement projects and develop skills to transform patient and population health at home and abroad. Inter-professional training and increasingly realistic simulation are important parts of the curriculum.

King's College London Medicine Entry Requirements


Grade 6 (B) in both English and Mathematics required

A Levels


Must include Chemistry & Biology


35 points 

Pass the IB Diploma with a total of at least 35 points, with three Higher Level subjects at 766 including Chemistry and Biology. Note the total point score of 35 includes TOK/EE. GCSE Grade 6/B in both English and Mathematics also required (if no GCSE, passes are required at SL in English and Maths if not offered at HL).

Scottish Higher

AAA Including grade A in Advanced Higher Chemistry and Biology (we do not count the Higher and Advanced Higher in the same subject). If only one of Chemistry or Biology is offered at Advanced Higher, the other must be offered at Higher level at grade A.

Scottish Advanced



King's College Medical School Admission Tests



How Does King's Medical School Look At The UCAT?

No King's UCAT cut-off score - but worth noting they average your score across the subtests and give that more consideration than individual subtest scores, plus they consider SJT scores too. When considering those students which will be shortlisted for interview the selectors consider the following; GCSE (or equivalent performance), predicted or achieved A-level grades (or equivalent), the personal statement, the reference and the score in the UCAT.






Course Information

Graduate Entry

- King's College Graduate Medicine
- Study Mode: Full time
- Course Type: Singly Honours
- Length: Four years
- Start date: September



Yes, the intercalated degree is a one-year BSc course which gives you the opportunity to study the subjects of your choice in greater depth across King’s and the university’s clinical partners. The intercalated BSc is a mandatory requirement however students can request to opt-out; the intercalated BSc is taken between Stages 2 and 3 of the course.


Kings Medical Work Experience

Medicine King's College London Work Experience: King’s would normally expect that you will have undertaken some work experience in a caring environment and/or observation in a Medical clinical setting. Paid or voluntary work (Very Desirable): Any voluntary contribution to your community is taken into account, e.g. volunteer in a care home.


Personal Statement for King's Medicine

Your personal statement is one of the many factors in the overall assessment of your application. King’s would normally expect that you will have undertaken some work experience in a caring environment and/or observation in a Medical clinical setting. Communication skills and the ability to work successfully in a team are of great importance. Your interests, achievements and contribution to your community are taken into account in addition to academic ability. King’s would expect your application to be strongly supported by your referee both in terms of academic achievements/potential and in terms of your character and suitability for medicine.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?


King's College London - Extended Medical Degree Programme


The Extended Medical Degree course (MBBS) EMDP is specifically designed for students studying A-Levels or Access to Medicine at a non- selective state school or who are participants of Realising Opportunities across England. The course offers a more graduated introduction to medical study than the standard MBBS degree and provides greater academic and pastoral support.


Foundation Year Medicine King's College London:

  • Full Time

  • A Levels: ABB

  • Duration: 6 years with MBBS degree (7 if intercalating)

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have attended only non-selective state education since the age of 11. Please list all the schools that you have attended since the age of 11 on your UCAS application, even if some previously attended schools were not in the UK.

  • You cannot have started or completed a degree before submitting your application.

  • You must have sat the UCAT prior to submitting your application.

  • You must have a Home fee status.

Special consideration will also be given to the following:

  • Applicants from schools with low attainment

  • Applicants from low participation areas as determined by ACORN* and POLAR

  • Participants of Realising Opportunities

  • Participants who have completed King’s K+ or Medview programmes

  • Applicants who are care experienced

  • Applicants with other widening participation backgrounds

*You are able to check your ACORN profile by checking your postcode using the CACI website. You will be asked to register but the service is free.


King's College London Medicine Interview


A standardised interviewer assessment score sheet accompanies each station. Interviewers have no prior knowledge of candidates before they meet them at each station.


KCL Medicine Interview Dates: Between November and March


King's Medicine Interview Questions / Topics:

  • Motivation and Insight into Medicine

  • Personal statement/General Stations

  • Ethical dilemma/scenario

  • Case Article Review

  • Your opinion on recent health news

  • Data Analysis

  • Observation Tasks

  • Role play Station


Contact Details

School of Medicine
Hodgkin Building
Guy's Campus

Tel:  020 7848 6501/6502