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Lesson Cancellation Policy

Lesson Cancellation Policy

Last Updated 01/09/2023

Please find our lesson cancellation policy below. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the team by Whatsapp or Email -

We understand that sometimes you might need to change your plans. If you know that you can't have a lesson that has been arranged for you, please inform your tutor as soon as possible to cancel the lesson. Receiving a place at university is difficult, and as we know, requires the utmost commitment from both tutors and tutees.

1-1 Tutoring 

Lessons cancelled more than 24 hours before the start time of the lesson will incur no charge. In this case, you must inform your tutor of this cancellation more than 24 hours before the lesson is due to start on the Whatsapp Group.

Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before their start time will use up 100% of the lesson credits for that upcoming lesson.

Bookings cannot be cancelled after the lesson has started. Lessons which are not cancelled by the student over 24 hours before the start time, or lessons which are not attended by the student will be deducted the full lesson credits. 

The tutor will wait for the tutee for 15 minutes, and attempt to contact the student by Whatsapp or telephone call. Should there be no response after 15 minutes the tutor is entitled to cancel the lesson and charge the full lesson credits at their own discretion.

If students fail to show up for a lesson or provide the required 24+ hours advance cancellation notice for any reason, they will be responsible for 100% of that lesson's credits. 

For cancellations initiated by our tutors, students will receive a full refund or rescheduling at their convenience. We apologise deeply for any inconvenience; no penalties or lesson credits will be lost in these instances.

Group Lessons/Webinars/One-Day Courses

TheUKCATPeople requires clients to reschedule their participation in non-recurring group events, such as Online Courses, MMI Circuits, paid webinars, and seminars, at least 7 days in advance. This advance notice is essential for effective management of resources and scheduling. Rescheduling must be communicated directly via email to, as messages sent through informal channels like WhatsApp groups are not considered valid. 

For those wishing to reschedule, a rebooking form must be completed and returned to us at least one week before the new date. However, we emphasise that rebooking is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed, given the limited capacity and high demand for these events.

Strict adherence to this policy is crucial for the integrity and smooth functioning of our special events and group sessions. It ensures fairness and accessibility for all participants and helps us maintain the high quality of our services. Refunds are not processed for such bookings in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. 

Clients who fail to comply with these terms may face the forfeiture of their booking, with no option for a refund or rebooking. We recommend early communication of any changes to increase the likelihood of accommodating requests. 

Please note, this policy is periodically reviewed and may be updated to better meet our operational needs and client feedback.

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