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Overview of Warwick Medical School


Warwick Medical School’s accelerated graduate-entry MB ChB programme is the largest graduate-entry course in the UK and is challenging but extremely rewarding programme. It’s designed to help students become highly competent, compassionate and strongly motivated doctors. The course has an intake of 193 graduates each year (from 2018 entry).


Warwick Graduate Medicine Course Structure

Warwick Medicine Course structure consists of four years: Year One: University-based teaching, including integrated clinical exposure in various settings. You will be allocated to small learning groups made up of around ten students of different backgrounds and experiences. Years Two and Three: Your course will make extensive use of existing, highly successful modules within the School of Life Sciences. To do this, your cohort will largely merge with a much larger cohort of SLS students for classes, alongside an ongoing programme of WMS integrated science labs and tutorials that aims further to develop your integrated science skills. Year Four: You will focus almost entirely on lab-based experimental research, pursuing your own project, embedded in an active research lab and closely supported by the lab’s lead. You will then write a Master’s thesis, and graduate with a Masters in Integrated Science.

Warwick Medical School Entry Requirements


Not Required

A Levels

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Scottish Higher


Scottish Advanced



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