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Medicine at Brighton And Sussex Medical School & Interview Questions 2024

Overview of Brighton and Sussex Medical School


There are few medical schools quite like Brighton Sussex (BSMS). They believe in an integrated, practical approach to studying medicine with early patient contact in GP surgeries and hospitals. Anatomy is taught by full cadaveric dissection, allowing you to turn theory into reality. The medical school is small enough (140 students per year), so that you are able to get to know everyone on your course and each tutor by name. 

You are considered as part of a team and there is a strong network of support to back you up. Bright Sussex Medical School is committed to instilling a strong sense of professionalism in its graduates, both in relation to their patients and their peers. With its support and guidance you can become the doctor you need to be.


Brighton and Sussex Medical School Course Structure

The Brighton and Sussex School Brighton five-year medical degree, awarded jointly by the Universities of Brighton and Sussex, leads to the qualification of Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (BM BS). 

Both universities are part of the UK Medical Act and our course has been approved by the GMC under its Quality Assurance of Basic Medical Education (QABME) processes. 

YEARS 1 - 2

You will study the normal and abnormal functioning of the human body and start to develop clinical skills in history taking, physical examination, diagnosis and effective communication with patients in a classroom setting and by gaining experience in primary, secondary and third sector placements. Student-Selected Components (SSCs) will allow you to undertake individual studies and explore selected topics in depth, informed by the latest research. 


At the heart of Year 3 are ward-based attachments in various specialities. You will consolidate your increasing clinical experience with an understanding of the underlying clinical, social science and public health issues through weekly teaching sessions on the scientific basis of medicine. 


You will develop your skills in more specialised clinical areas, completing several rotations. The clinical focus in Year 4 is on understanding patients’ integrated care and how primary, community and secondary care structures work together for the patient. You will also participate in Time for Autism and complete a year-long Individual Research Project, supervised by a university or hospital. 


Your learning will be based on a close involvement with routine clinical cases, acting as a member of the clinical team in medicine, emergency medicine, elderly medicine, surgery, general practice and psychiatry. Central to your study will be the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients in these different areas of practice.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Entry Requirements


Grade 6 (B) in English & Maths

A Levels


Must include Chemistry & Biology


36 points 

Must include both Biology and Chemistry at Higher level. A grade 6 must be achieved in both. For widening participation applicants, they will accept 35 points total.

Scottish Higher

Advanced Higher Biology and Chemistry with grades A with at least grades A in two additional Higher Subjects. English and Maths requirements: grades B or above in National 5s English and Maths.

Scottish Advanced

Pass Scottish Advanced Highers with grades AAA including Biology and Chemistry.


Brighton University Medicine Admission Tests


Yes (new for 2025 entry)

How Does Brighton BSMS Look At The UCAT?

Brighton Medical School UCAT Cut Off 2024 for 2025 Entry

As this is the first year that BSMS are using the UCAT, no cut-off scores are currently known. 


No (as of 2025 Entry), now UCAT

❓ How Does BSMS Brighton Medical School Look At The BMAT? What is the Brighton BMAT Cut Off?

Brighton Medical School ranks the BMAT scores out of 37 (for 2023 entry)

  • Section 1: 9 marks total

  • Section 2: 18 marks total 

  • Section 3: 10 marks (5 marks for each element)

As well as this, all three of the following criteria needed to be fulfilled:

  • Section one: a score of at least 3 or higher

  • Section two: a score of at least 6 or higher

  • Section three: a score of at least 2.5 C or higher

Everyone is then ranked, and the highest-scoring candidates are invited for an interview. 

2022 BMAT Cut off scores at Brighton & Sussex University:

In 2022 the BMAT was scored by Brighton out of 28 (not 37). 

  • BMAT cut-off  for 2022 entry: 17.3 or above, 19.5 for international applicants

  • 2021 entry: BMAT cut-off 17.8 or above, 18.8 for international applicants

  • 2020 entry: BMAT cut-off 14.7 or above. International applicant BMAT cut-off is 15.8 or above

  • 2019 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.1 or above

  • 2018 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.4 or above

  • 2017 entry: BMAT cut-off 17.3 or above

  • 2016 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.1 or above

  • 2015 entry: BMAT cut-off 15.1 or above

Contextual BMAT offers at Brighton:

In 2021 anyone qualifying for a contextual offer at Brighton required a BMAT cut-off score of 17. 

Applicants who meet WP criteria will receive an offer of AAB at A level (35 points IB) along with GCSE maths and English at grade 5 (C).



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Course Information

Graduate Entry

Brighton Graduate Medicine

Expected to have a 1st or 2:1 science degree and be able to demonstrate an adequate knowledge of Biology and Chemistry equivalent to A-level. This may be achieved through having studied these subjects to A-level or through relevant degree modules. As part of your academic assessment you will be asked to supply a transcript of your degree. You should note, however, that Brighton and Sussex graduate entry medicine's integrated nature of the degree does not normally allow advanced entry to a different year of the programme.



You may choose to undertake an intercalated degree between Years 3 and 4, allowing you to expand your horizons, study a new topic in depth, and work or study for a year at an institution such as BSMS. Please note, intercalation numbers are capped at 40% of the total cohort, with priority given to those without a prior degree.

Applications : Place

Application Statistics (Home)

Application Statistics (International)



Applications : Interview



International Student Tuition Fee

The international student fee per year is £42000


Brighton and Sussex Medical School Work Experience

Brighton Medical School does not place requirements on the amount and type of work experience a prospective medical student should have. However, they do expect candidates to: have a realistic understanding of medicine and what it means to be a doctor; have had some experience of engaging with a wide range of people and understand the realities of a caring profession and display some of the skills and attributes essential to be a successful doctor. 

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Virtual Work Experience BSMS offer a virtual work experience to understand the NHS and general practice, elderly medicine, mental health, surgery, emergency medicine, palliative medicine and communication skills and reflections.

BSMS has a number of WP activities:

  • BrightMed

  • BrightIdeas

  • Virtual work experience

  • GP work experience