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UK Dental Schools Ranking & Guide 2024 (for 2025 Entry)

Click to find out more about the ranking of each UK Dental school, its Dentistry course structure, interview questions, Work Experience, UCAT, BMAT, Personal Statement information, contact details and more! Here you will find out about the best dental schools in the UK by ranking in 2024.


Best Dental Universities UK

If you're thinking of applying to dental school in the UK, of course, you'll want to go to the best dental school you can! You'll be pleased to know that all UK dental schools are of a very high standard, so deciding which is the best dental university will really depend on your individual preferences and requirements.

There are various ranking tables available online for UK dental schools, and you'll see they all have different rankings/criteria! Essentially, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. We recommend doing some research of your own to work out which vet school is best for you - our Universities Guide can help you with this.

The 2024 UK Dentistry University Ranking as per the Complete University Guide 2024 is as the best dentistry universities in the UK:

  1. Dundee Dental School

  2. Glasgow Dental School

  3. Newcastle Dental School

  4. Bristol Dental School

  5. Belfast Dental School

  6. Cardiff Dental School​

  7. Manchester Dental School

  8. Sheffield Dental School

  9. Plymouth Dental School

  10. Birmingham Dental School

  11. Leeds Dental School

  12. Kings Dental School

  13. Liverpool Dental School

  14. Queen Marys Dental School

  15. UCLAN Dental School

Dental Degree Schools In The UK


What is the easiest dental school to get into the UK?

This is a very tricky question to answer, dentistry is notoriously one of the most difficult degrees to get into in the UK. There is extremely tough competition for places, as such, there is no easy dental school that one can get into in the UK.


Having said that, it is important to consider the institutions that you are applying to. Traditionally, some of the newer universities are likely to receive fewer applications and therefore you will have a greater chance of getting into them.


Find out the easiest dental schools to get into with low grades here.


How do I select which dental schools to apply to?

It is extremely tough - we recommend being strategic when selecting which 4 dental schools to apply to. 

We would recommend doing the following:

  1. Check the entry requirements of each dental school to make sure you meet them

  2. Check the UCAT Cut Offs for Dentistry in 2024 - this is perhaps the MOST important step 

  3. Select 4 dental schools where you think you have a good chance of receiving a dentistry interview invitation.

Read more: UCAT Cut Off Scores For Dentistry in 2024


What is Dental University like?

Dental school is a great place to learn with like-minded individuals whilst having a great social life in potentially a new city! Within the course, you will have the opportunity to treat patients along the way. 


This involves providing patients with fillings, root canal treatments and even dentures. Like with any degree, exams can be a stressful time and within dentistry, this involves a mixture of essays, multiple-choice questions and role play. 


There are only 15 dental universities with most being in a completely different city. If you want to explore the UK or even live in a completely different city this is a great opportunity to do so. Some are in the heart of the city and some are by the beach. 


Some have approximately 150 students in the year and some have 70 students. Every university is different giving you vast choices.


Deciding on a dental university can be difficult, so choose one that will suit you best or contact our specialists at TheUKCATPeople to help you on your journey. 


How difficult is it to get into a dental university?

On average, there are 9000 applicants per year for 1200 spaces at dental school in the UK. Every dental school has a different number of spaces with King’s College London having the most (150 places) and others having approximately 80. 


It is important to apply strategically to heighten your chance of getting a place at a dental school due to its highly competitive nature. Our dental team at TheUKCATPeople are specialists in guiding students all over the country and helping them choose the right dental university


How many dental places are there in the UK for 2024 entry?

Dental School
Home Places
International Places
University of Birmingham
University of Bristol
University of Central Lancashire
King’s College London
University of Leeds
University of Liverpool
University of Manchester
University of Newcastle
University of Plymouth
Queen Mary, University of London
University of Sheffield
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