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Dentistry at University of Glasgow Dental School

Overview of Glasgow University Dentistry


‌Established in 1879, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School deliver a modern, integrated Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program over five years to an undergraduate population of approximately 400 students.

The second-largest Dental School in the UK, we provide postgraduate research opportunities and, in addition, taught postgraduate programs in a range of subjects.

The university benefits from comprehensive modern facilities for patient care, student clinical practice and training, and for education and research in dental and oral diseases and disorders.


Glasgow University Dentistry Course Structure

Year 1

You will be introduced to all aspects of clinical dentistry, supported by the teaching of clinical medicine, patient management and health promotion, and biomedical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, and microbiology.

Year 2

You will be introduced to the theory and practice of the subjects that form the clinical basis of dentistry: operative dentistry, prosthodontics, and periodontics. As part of the introduction to operative dentistry, you will learn about the treatment of dental caries, carried out in a simulated clinical setting.

Year 3

You will expand your skills in all aspects of restorative dentistry and will also carry out your first extraction.

Year 4

You will continue to work in the Dental School and in the community and will have an opportunity to develop your clinical skills through exposure to patients in all the dental disciplines.

Year 5

You will be allocated to one residential and one non-residential outreach centre.

University of Glasgow Dentistry Entry Requirements


6 GCSE subjects at Grade A/7. Must include: Maths or Physics English Language or Literature (accepted at grade B/6 provided 6 other GCSE's have been attained at A/7).

A Levels

AAA at A level including Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology at grade A, plus the GCSE requirements outlined below.


36 points including three Higher Level subjects at 6,6,6. Must include: Chemistry AND Biology at HL plus Maths or Physics at HL (if it is not possible to take Mathematics or Physics at HL then SL6 will be considered)

Scottish Higher

AAAAB at Scottish Highers including grade A in Biology/ Human Biology and Higher Chemistry and a pass at grade C in Maths/Physics and English/ ESOL. Advanced Highers in a minimum of three subjects with Biology or Chemistry at grade B.

Scottish Advanced


Glasgow Dental School Admission Tests








Course Information

Graduate Entry





Glasgow University Dentistry Work Experience

For entry in September 2022 the university are not asking applicants to carry out work shadowing. While it might not be practical to undertake shadowing in a dental setting at present, applicants may still be able to secure alternative forms of shadowing or voluntary work in other sectors that would demonstrate the attributes in our BDS Person Specification. The School will look for alternatives to work shadowing in the personal statement during the initial screening.


Glasgow Dental School Personal Statement

It is used in selection 


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?



The University of Glasgow operates a system of contextualised admissions for applicants living in Scotland. A grade concession will never be offered for a Chemistry or Biology qualification. Additionally, achieving the adjusted results will allow the applicant to be considered for interview and does not guarantee admission to BDS. Any adjustments will apply only once at the time of first application. See widening participation and contextual admissions for details.



Glasgow University Dentistry Interview



Normally, there are 7 stations in total each 6 minutes long, including 1 minute reading time. Students rotate around each station until completing them all. The full MMI process will last just under 45 minutes.


December to January


There are 3 station types: role-play, discussion and practical.


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