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UCAT Australia and New Zealand ANZ


UCAT Australia & New Zealand

The UCAT is new to Australia & New Zealand - but NOT to us!

  • Expert UCAT Tutors for the UCAT (Aus/NZ) online

  • Morning & evening lessons from the comfort of your own home in Australia & New Zealand

  • Join the 185+ pupils in Australia & New Zealand currently using our service


UCAT ANZ Tutors - Australia & New Zealand

We work through all FIVE sections of the UCAT. Learn the tips, techniques and strategies that you need to combat the exam. Then practice with our accurate and latest 2021 UCAT Questions from our 2022 UCAT Booklet.

UCAT (UKCAT) Tuition (Skype) - $99AUD/hour

Join many others across Australia who are currently learning the UCAT from the luxury of their own homes. As tutors are based in the UK this is likely to be the morning or evening AEDT. Guarantee your chance of succeeding in the UCAT.

UCAT (UKCAT) Intensive Course - $580 AUD

An intensive one-to-one UCAT course covering all the sections of the UCAT that you need to know with tips, guidance and advice along with practice questions to improve your UCAT skills all within 1 day!

UCAT ANZ Key Dates

UCAT Registration, Booking & Testing has now ended - please return to this page next year for information on UCAT ANZ 2022 for 2023 entry.