How Medical & Dental Universities Use The UCAT in 2022

The only guide you need to select a university depending on your UCAT score (updated for 2023 entry) and application in 2022. Here you can find out about what courses require the ucat, and how it is used in shortlisting applicants for interviews. These are all of the ucat requirements for universities 2022. 


We know how difficult it is to choose which four Medical or Dental Schools to apply to. We have created this UCAT Universities Guide to help you to make a more informed decision on UCAT schools but detailing how each university uses the UCAT. This is updated for the 2021 (2022 entry), but we would always recommend checking their website for the latest information!


How Is My UCAT Score Used?

Each university will use the UCAT score in different ways to try and shortlist candidates for the UCAT.


Generally, there are three different ways that universities are likely to use the UCAT score:

  1. Cut off scores for each section/overall score for 2023 entry.

  2. All top ranking candidates will be shortlisted for interview

  3. Used along with every other aspect of the application to decide whom to invite for an interview.


You can see how each university will use the UCAT score here


How Does Each UK Medical School Use The UCAT?

There are over thirty medical schools in the UK, and each of the ukcat universities uses the ucat in slightly different ways. It is important when applying that you have some idea which method each university employs. These UCAT universities that accept the UCAT utilise this exam in different ways and have varying ucat thresholds. 


You must consider how each university interprets the UCAT score and therefore which university will be best for your UCAT score


Remember to check out our UK Medical School Guide for more information on each university and how they use different aspects of the UCAT and Interview in the application process. Some of these universities have ucat cut off scores for 2023 entry, which you will be able to see below. These UKCAT medical schools that require the ukcat have all outlined how they use the UCAT within the decision-making application process. There is no direct minimum ucat cut off for medicine, but each university has its requirements. 


Within each medical school, you can see the minimum ucat score needed for medicine. See our UCAT scores guide for more information on this. 


See our UCAT UK Universities Medical School Guide for 2022 here with a list of UCAT medical schools:

UCAT at University of Aberdeen Medical School

Aberdeen UCAT Cut Off 2022

There is no Aberdeen UCAT cut off score.

Considered for selection in an interview alongside academics.

The SJT is not used (unless there are two similar candidates). 

For 2020 entry, the lowest score interviewed was 2370 for Scottish applicants, and 2630 for applicants from the rest of the UK. The average UCAT of those invited to interview was 2670 and 2760 respectively.

UCAT at Anglia Ruskin Medical School

How Does Anglia Ruskin Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Anglia Ruskin UCAT Cut Off 2022

There is no Anglia Ruskin UCAT cut off score.

All candidates are ranked and a proportion invited to interview. 

Lowest interviewed UCAT score is roughly 2410 every year. 

SJT Band 4 = automatic rejection.

UCAT at University of Aston Medical School

How Does Aston Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Aston UCAT Cut Off 2022: There is no Aston Medical School UCAT cut off score.

Used in conjunction with academics.

The lowest UCAT interviewed in 2020 was 2110 for non-widening participation applicants and 1900 for widening participation students.

UCAT at Barts & Queen Mary Medical School

How Does Barts Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Barts UCAT Cut Off 2022: Top three deciles only - the bottom seven deciles are rejected. Usually, it is weighted 50:50 with academics. In 2020 the minimum score was 2300 for interview. 

SJT score may form part of the assessment at the interview.

UCAT at University of Birmingham Medical School

How Does Birmingham Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Birmingham UCAT Cut Off 2022: Used in combination with academics (see Birmingham Application Score Calculator). Candidates are split into deciles and allocated a score based on that. The top decile requires approximately 2950 in the UCAT. 

No Birmingham UCAT cut off score. 

SJT contributes to the interview score. 

UCAT at University of Bristol Medical School

How Does Bristol Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Bristol UCAT Cut Off 2022: Places great importance on UCAT - 100% weighting on those invited to interview (as GCSE and A-Levels are just used as cutoffs).

2020 entry needed 2690 (changes every year). 

Interview offers are then made based upon interview performance only. 

Only apply if you have a good UCAT score. 

UCAT at University of Cardiff Medical School

How Does Cardiff Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Cardiff UCAT Cut Off 2022: There is no Cardiff UCAT cut off score. 

High consideration is placed on the UCAT.

The average score of a successful applicant in 2020 was 2589.

The average score of interviewed applicants was 2620.

UCAT at University of Dundee Medical School

How Does Dundee Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Dundee UCAT Cut Off 2022: There is no Dundee cut off score for the UCAT. The UCAT score is used alongside academic achievements to generate a pre-interview score. 

SJT Band 4 = rejection.

UCAT at Edge Hill Medical School

How Does Edge Hill Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Edge Hill UCAT Cut Off 2022: Applicants who meet the UCAT threshold will be invited to interview. All candidates are ranked according to their UCAT score, and then a threshold is applied. 

Band 4 SJT = rejection.

UCAT at University of Edinburgh Medical School

How Does Edinburgh Medical School Look At UCAT Scores?

Edinburgh UCAT Cut Off 2022: Once all the UCAT scores are received they are ranked into deciles and then allocated a score. The SJT is also given a score. 

These points are then added to the academic score, which contributes to the final ranking for shortlisting and invitation to an interview.  

The total UCAT score and academic score an applicant achieved may be looked at again when final decisions are made and there are applicants with the same ranked score and limited places left to offer. 

SJT Band 4 = rejection.

UCAT at University of Exeter Medical School

How Does Exeter Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Exeter UCAT Cut Off 2022: Candidates ranked by UCAT and this list determines those are invited to interview. 

UCAT at University of Glasgow Medical School

How Does Glasgow Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Glasgow UCAT Cut Off 2022: Interviews allocated by UCAT score in a holistic manner. 

SJT is not considered.

UCAT at Hull And York Medical School

How Does Hull York Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Hull York UCAT Cut Off 2022: Used in conjunction with academic scores. 40% weighting on UCAT score alongside GCSE and SJT performance. 

SJT band 4 = rejection.

UCAT at University of Keele Medical School

How Does Keele Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Keele UCAT Cut Off 2022: Single Keele UCAT cut off score. 

For the 2021 entry, the cut-off score was 2280. This equates to the bottom two UCAT deciles being rejected. 

The UCAT is then not used in any decision-making process. 

SJT band 4 = rejection.

UCAT at Kent And Medway Medical School

How Does Kent & Medway Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Kent & Medway UCAT Cut Off 2022: For 2020 entry there was a Kent UCAT cut-off score of 2470 and Band 4 in SJT wasn't accepted.

UCAT at Kings College London

How Does King's Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Kings UCAT Cut Off 2022: No King's UCAT cut-off score - but worth noting they average your score across the subtests and give that more consideration than individual subtest scores, plus they consider SJT scores too. 

When considering those students which will be shortlisted for interview the selectors consider the following; GCSE (or equivalent performance), predicted or achieved A-level grades (or equivalent), the personal statement, the reference and the score in the UCAT.