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Application Guide 2023: 


Medicine Clearing Guide 2023

<p class="font_8"><strong>Dr. Akash Gandhi&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p class="font_8">Medicine Admissions Expert</p>

Dr. Akash Gandhi 

Medicine Admissions Expert


Not received any offers to study medicine and wondering what your options are. Whilst more common in the past, applying to medicine via UCAS clearing can sometimes be successful, find out everything you need to know if you're thinking of applying to Medicine (A100) via UCAS clearing in 2023. 

Clearing for medicine in 2023 opens on Thursday 17th August 2023 and closes on 17 October 2023.


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What is UCAS medicine clearing & how does UCAS clearing work?

UCAS Clearing is a system which helps students apply for places at university that have not been filled. Anyone can apply through clearing - whether you have received no offers from universities, or if you want to change your course or university. 

Medical school UCAS clearing begins on A-Levels results day (Thursday 17th August 2023) when candidates receive their exam results in the UK. 

If, after results are announced, some universities find that they have extra places available on their courses, they can offer these up in clearing. 

When does clearing 2023 open?

Clearing opens on 5th July 2023 this year. 

However, for medicine applicants, it will open on Thursday 17th August 2023. 


How to go through clearing to get an offer on results day in 2023

Once you’re set up and ready for clearing, the process itself is fairly simple. You can find UCAS’ description of the clearing process here

You should wake up with plenty of time before results are announced, with the UCAS website open and ready to search. Once it updates, use the search function to look for any medical course vacancies.

You should search for “A100”, which is the medicine course code. If you search for “medicine”, then you will also see results for subjects such as biomedicine which will only slow you down.

If you spot a vacancy, then call the university to ask if they would accept you. Be ready to give your personal ID and Clearing number, and answer some basic questions. If they say that they would make you an offer, then congratulations! Go back to UCAS Track and select the option to ‘Add a Clearing Choice’.

Be aware that you can only add one clearing choice at a time, so make sure that you are adding the university that you want to go to. If you call and they don’t make you an offer, don’t be disheartened - keep calling other universities as you may find another one that does.

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