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Application Guide 2023: 


Ultimate Guide To Deciding & Applying To Study Medicine In The UK in 2023

<p class="font_9" style="text-align: justify"><strong>Dr. Akash Gandhi</strong></p>
<p class="font_9" style="text-align: justify">Medicine Admissions Expert</p>

Dr. Akash Gandhi

Medicine Admissions Expert


Deciding on a career in medicine can be a difficult process. Everyone has different reasons for pursuing whatever career they choose, and it’s important to consider the realities of your path - especially if it’s as tough as the pathway to studying medicine. 

Applying for Medicine in the UK is a very similar process no matter which medical schools you are applying to.

This article outlines the main pathway to medicine, but it is important to note that there are various ways of getting into Medicine and the route outlined in this article may not be the best for you. 


The Key Steps To Deciding To Study Medicine in 2023 In The UK

The first step to knowing whether a career in medicine is right for you is having all of the information required to make an informed decision. Studying medicine is a long process which has a significant cost. Making a decision to study medicine should be done with some thought to what can be a very exciting journey!

What degree do I need to become a doctor and how do you become a doctor?

Doctors in the UK study for a Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery degree. 

This is often known as MBBS medicine or MBChB medicine, both of which stand for the same thing: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. 

Despite being known as Bachelor’s degrees, they are considered at “level 7”, which is the equivalent of a Master’s degree.


How old are doctors when they graduate?

The average age of a newly qualified doctor is 23. 

A medical degree in the UK is 5 years - or 6, including an intercalated degree. As such, you will graduate 5-6 years after you begin your degree. For some people, this means that you could be just 22!

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