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BMAT Scores Guide


How Is BMAT Scored?

Your BMAT score is fundamental in creating a strong application for medical school. 

Below we will go through how the BMAT is scored, what a good biomedical admissions test score is and you will leave with a good understanding of BMAT scoring as per the admissions assessment team.

BMAT Section 1 & 2

Questions in sections 1 & 2 are worth 1 mark each where the total raw marks for each section are converted via the BMAT Scale, which runs from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest). The average score of most BMAT candidates is around 5.0, which is roughly equivalent to roughly half of the marks available in the test.

The best candidates are expected to score in the region of 6.0-7.0. You can get a maximum of 32 points in section 1 and a maximum of 27 points in section 2. Each university will have its own cut off point; for example, Imperial and UCL tend to have a cut-off of around 4.7-4.9 in recent years, whilst Oxford and Cambridge admissions tend to cut-off candidates at 6.0.

Section 3

The writing tasks in Section 3 are marked by 2 examiners. Each examiner gives two scores; one for quality of content (on a scale of 0-5) and one for the quality of  English (Scaled A, C or E). If the two marks for content are the same or no more than one mark apart, the candidate gets the average of the two marks. If the two marks for written English are the same or no more than one mark apart, the scores are combined as follows: AA = A, AC = B, CE = D, EE = E.


What Is A Good BMAT Score?

A good BMAT score is 6.0 and above with few candidates receiving a score of 7.0 above - these are the exception. 

A good BMAT score for section 3 is a 4A and above. In previous years, this has more or less always stayed the same in terms of the BMAT results.

BMAT Scores 2019 and 2020

BMAT 2020 Scores & BMAT Results

Section 1 BMAT 2020 Scores

Top 10%: 6.2+

Top 33%: 5.1+

Section 2 BMAT 2020 Scores

Top 15% 6.0+

Top 33%: 5.1+

Section 3 BMAT 2020 Scores

Top 25%: 3.5+

Top 70%: A

BMAT 2019 Scores & Results

Section 1 BMAT 2019 Scores

Top 10%: 6.0+

Section 2 BMAT 2019 Scores

Top 15% 6.0+

Section 3 BMAT 2019 Scores

Top 20%: 4+

Top 80%: A