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BMAT Practice Paper Questions with every BMAT Section 1 & 2 past papers from 2003-2020 with their answers. 

Below you will find BMAT Papers that are available for you to download online. This will form the best part of your BMAT practice tests. These contain BMAT section 1 questions as well as BMAT section 2 questions. It is fundamental that you go through these BMAT paper papers and their worked solutions to improve your BMAT score. The BMAT Section 1 questions contain both the problem solving and data analysis questions that need to be worked through. Please note the recent changes in 2020 to this section, making some past papers redundant in their content. Across the bottom, you will see the bmat answer key to accompany these bmat mock papers which you will be able to work through. We believe using the mocks in an organised method will help you to master the bmat practice questions and answers. 

BMAT Specimen Papers & Specification

BMAT 2003-2008 Past Papers & Answers

For access to the BMAT 2003 to BMAT 2008 Section 1,2&3 Past Papers, please fill in the form and we will email them to you, along with our regular BMAT tips newsletter!


BMAT 2003-2008 Section 1 Questions

BMAT 2003-2008 Section 1 Answers

BMAT 2003-2008 Section 3 Questions

BMAT 2003-2008 Section 3 Answer Sheet

BMAT 2003-2008 Section 2 Questions

BMAT 2003-2008 Section 2 Answers

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BMAT 2009 Past Papers & Answers