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Application Guide 2023: 


NHS MMI Medicine Interview Topics 2023

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Dr Akash Gandhi & Adam Mallis

Medicine Admissions Experts


One of the most common types of MMI medical school interview questions is the NHS issues question. You can be asked about various aspects of how the NHS works, what issues it’s facing and what the 6 NHS  core values are

Whilst this can seem daunting, there is some simple preparation that you can do to be prepared for whatever you can be asked. This article will cover the content you need to know, some common NHS interview questions and some top NHS interview tips.


What are the NHS core values?

One key type of NHS interview question is the NHS values interview question. Knowledge of the 6 core NHS values is key to having a top-tier response. These are attributes that all employees of the NHS - from doctors to gardeners - are expected to demonstrate.

  • Working together for patients: The core value covers two important features: teamwork and patient prioritisation. Patients come first in the NHS mission statement, and all NHS employees must work together to benefit them.

  • Respect and dignity: Patients, their families and members of NHS staff are all humans who matter and ought to be treated with dignity and respect. Their aspirations and hopes ought to be considered, making autonomy a crucial principle.

  • Commitment to quality of care: The NHS seeks to prioritise three aspects of quality of care: safety, effectiveness, and patient experience. It is important to live up to the trust placed nationally in the NHS.

  • Compassion: Patients aren’t just medical puzzles - they are human beings. Everyone’s pain and emotional responses to the volatile situations inherent to medicine are important, and NHS employees need to recognise this and respond with compassion.

  • Improving lives: People who engage with the NHS ought to leave their experience in a better place than they would have been in without the NHS. It is important to improve the lives of patients and staff.

  • Everyone counts: No one should be discriminated against for any reason, excluded, or left behind. Equal access to healthcare is of the utmost importance.

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