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Application Guide 2023: 


Ultimate Guide To A Career in Dentistry In The UK In 2023

<p class="font_9"><strong>Dr. Sonal Gandhi</strong></p>
<p class="font_9">Dental Admissions Expert</p>

Dr. Sonal Gandhi

Dental Admissions Expert


Dentistry is a specialised healthcare field that offers a range of rewarding career opportunities. After graduating from dental university, dentists can work for the NHS, in private practice, academia, research, or public health. Additionally, dentistry has several specialised areas, including paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontology, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dentistry careers offer personal and professional growth opportunities, making it an exciting and fulfilling profession. 

Here you can learn all about the different avenues a dentist in the UK can take. 


What happens after you graduate from Dental University?

After you graduate from dental university, it is mandatory to complete 1 year as a (DFT) dental foundation trainee to work for the NHS. 

Dental Foundation Training (DFT) is a structured training program that provides newly qualified dentists with the opportunity to clinical experience with the help of trainers. The DFT program aims to equip dentists with the necessary skills to provide safe, effective, and ethical dental care. 

The purpose of DFT is to ease graduates into the working life of dentists after university. It provides foundation dentists (FDs) with the opportunity to understand the NHS system and develop their dental skills whilst in a protected environment. 

This involves working in an approved general dental practice treating patients whilst having a trainer(s) for added support. The trainer, otherwise known as an Education Supervisor will be there to supervise the FDs, help whenever needed and provide regular tutorials.

A normal week as a DFT involves working in a general practice treating patients for 4 days and having a study day for 1 day. The study day allows you to be taught by lecturers and have hands-on practice improving your clinical and non-clinical skills.

Upon completion of the program, dentists can progress to further training such as being a DCT (Dental Core Trainee) or work in a general dental practice. The Dental Foundation Training program provides an excellent foundation for a successful career in dentistry, and many dentists consider it a valuable investment in their professional development.