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UCAT Verbal Reasoning


What Is UCAT Verbal Reasoning?

The UKCAT Verbal Reasoning section is the first section of the UCAT exam - making it paramount that you go in with confidence to help gain a good UCAT score. Here we will outline how to do well with tips and tricks written by our most experienced UCAT tutors to help boost your overall score

The UKCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest assesses your ability to read and think carefully about the information presented in passages and to determine whether specific conclusions can be drawn from the information presented.

You are not expected to use prior knowledge to answer the questions. Here, you have 22 minutes (including 1 minute for instructions) to answer 44 questions. These UCAT Verbal Reasoning questions are split into 11 passages, with each passage having 4 questions. You will receive 1 mark for each question that you answer correctly.


Why Include UCAT Verbal Reasoning?

Doctors and dentists need excellent verbal reasoning skills in dealing with patients and complex clinical situations. Understanding and reading the situation and then communicating clearly what needs to be said to both healthcare professionals and patients in a simple manner is critical. 

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Questions are designed in a manner that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in handling complex information presented amongst larger swathes of information. This is a skill that you will continue developing at medical school.

Medical practitioners must be able to interpret research papers and publications and try to integrate this into their clinical practice. This requires excellent UCAT verbal reasoning techniques.

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Timing

21 minutes (with 1 minute of instructions not included within this time)