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UCAT Abstract Reasoning


What are UCAT Abstract Reasoning Questions?

UCAT Abstract Reasoning Questions assesses your ability to identify patterns amongst abstract shapes where irrelevant and distracting material may lead to incorrect conclusions. The test, therefore, measures your ability to change track, critically evaluate and generate hypotheses and requires you to query judgements as you go along.

In the UKCAT Abstract Reasoning, you have 13 minutes (as well as one minute of instructions time) to answer 55 questions that are all based upon different sets of shapes made up of four question types within the ucat test.


Why Include UCAT Abstract Reasoning?

Quite often patients will present with a myriad of symptoms that a clinician must interpret. The clinician must take into account a number of different factors, some of which might be misleading, before deciphering which ones are pertinent. Making such judgements are akin to those in the  Abstract Reasoning. Research within medicine and dentistry also involves identifying patterns in results in order to generate further hypotheses.

Abstract Reasoning UCAT Timing

14 minutes (with 1 minute of instructions not included within this time)


Maximum UCAT Abstract Reasoning Score

Maximum UCAT Abstract Reasoning Score: 900

Minimum UCAT Abstract Reasoning Score: 300