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Application Guide 2023: 

Graduate Entry Medicine

Ultimate GAMSAT Graduate Entry Guide 2023

<p class="font_8">Adam Mallis &amp; Dr. Akash Gandhi</p>
<p class="font_8">Medicine Application Experts</p>

Adam Mallis & Dr. Akash Gandhi

Medicine Application Experts


Everything you need to know about the GAMSAT in 2023 and 2024, answering questions, tips and tricks to boost your GAMSAT score, which complements our GAMSAT tutoring service


The GAMSAT - What is it?

The GAMSAT (originally Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test but now used worldwide) is a day-long three-section admissions test used by medical schools across the UK.

If you’re thinking about applying to GEM (graduate entry medicine), you may want to sit the GAMSAT. Whilst this isn’t required by all universities accepting applications for GEM, it is by ScotGEM, Cardiff, Liverpool and more. 

Resultantly, you should consider whether it’s worth sitting for you - Scottish students, for instance, may be more inclined to sit the GAMSAT exam so that they can apply to ScotGEM where tuition is free.

This guide will answer all of your medicine GAMSAT questions and give you the GAMSAT information that you need to decide whether or not to sit the test, and how to do it if you would like to. Additionally, check out our GAMSAT study guide!

GAMSAT Registration 2023

Registration for the GAMSAT Exam takes place directly with ACER and this can be done on their UK website