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Application Guide 2023: 


Applying to Medicine in the UK from Hong Kong 2023

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Dr Akash Gandhi & Adam Mallis

Medicine Admissions Experts


Everything you need to know about applying to the UK to study medicine in 2023 from Hong Kong as an international student. This includes information on the UCAT in Hong Kong and UCAT tutoring in Hong Kong. 


Applying to study medicine in the UK from Hong Kong

The UK is home to many world-class medical schools, making it an ideal destination for prospective medical students looking to study abroad from Hong Kong. 

Additionally, most UK universities make the process of applying from Hong Kong very easy, detailing their specific HKDSE entry requirements online. In this guide, we detail some of the key considerations that you should make throughout the process of applying to study Medicine abroad in the UK.

Medical students applying from Hong Kong should make use of the HKMSUK (Hong Kong Medical Society of the United Kingdom). Their website has plenty of up-to-date information and resources about applying to the UK.

You should also check out our in-depth guide on applying to study Medicine in the UK as an international student. This page is designed with information specific to Hong Kong to supplement that general, more in-depth walkthrough of the application process.

Preparing for the BMAT and UCAT in Hong Kong

If you are applying to any medical school in the UK, you will be required to sit the UCAT and/or BMAT. Fortunately, there are testing centres for both of these in Hong Kong.

The UCAT is an aptitude test that is used by more universities than the BMAT. It can be sat in Welkin Systems Limited, Mongkok, or Pearson Professional Centres (Hong Kong), Wan Chai. UCAT Tutoring for students in Hong Kong is something that we can help you with. 

The BMAT can be sat in November at Arch Education Center, British Council Exam Services Hong Kong, or ITS Tutorial School. Please note that these lists may not be exhaustive, and you should check the individual websites for more information.

If you are looking for some extra help with the UCAT or BMAT, then check out our guides or the packages of expert 1-1 tutoring that we offer here at TheUKCATPeople.

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Medical interviews in Hong Kong 2023

Another consideration when applying from Hong Kong will be your medicine interviews. As a student from Hong Kong, you have a unique perspective on how medicine works in the UK as you are viewing it externally. 

You will be expected to have an understanding of medicine in the UK in your interviews, so should be prepared to demonstrate this. In particular, you should research the NHS: how it works, what its core values are, and what the key challenges that it will face moving into the future are. 

You should also make a habit of reading through UK healthcare news - even spending 5-10 minutes each day on the health section of BBC News or Sky News. This will help you to get used to how healthcare works in the UK.

Many universities are currently offering online interviews, and some also offer interviews in Hong Kong - such as Bart’s Medical School and the University of Manchester

Some will require you to fly to the UK for an in-person medicine interview, however. You can check out the specific details of each medical school on their individual websites.

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