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BMAT Registration


BMAT Key Test Dates & BMAT Registration 2021

1st September 2021 - BMAT Registration Opens (the test centre must register on your behalf - for most people this is your school)

1st October 2021 - BMAT Deadline Registration - for test centres to register candidates at normal price

15th October 2021 - Deadline for test centres to register candidates at premium price

3rd November 2021 - Test Date (ONLINE this year)

26th November 2021 - Results released

Please remember - contact your school to register on your behalf, currently it is not possible to do this yourself, though this may change depending on how the online examination will work. There is a global network of test centres for you to check from. 

Once registered - you will have a candidate entry number from your Exams Officer. This starts with a B and is followed by 5 digits. 


BMAT Costs & Fees - November 2021

Standard fee - £61 (UK & EU)

Standard fee - £92 (Non-UK/EU)

Late Registration Fee - £36 extra

Results Enquiry - £36

BMAT International Students

International students applying for the BMAT have a similar application process to those applying from the UK & EU. 

This also applies to those looking for BMAT registration in Singapore - please follow the guidance on the admissions testing website. 

The key differences are that there may be fewer test centres (so you must be organised in arranging your BMAT exam) and that the fees are slightly higher - as outlined above. 

Generally, for international students, universities require a higher BMAT score than those of their UK counterparts - this is largely owing to the increased competition.