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BMAT Access Arrangements


Can You Get Extra Time In The BMAT?

If you normally qualify for access arrangements in examinations - you may well be eligible for these in the BMAT - be it extra time, alternative modes of doing the exam or special venues. 

This is constantly evolving - please see the BMAT website for the latest guidance on access arrangements. 


Does the BMAT have the equivalent for UCATSEN?

In short - yes! 

If you qualified for the UCATSEN, it is likely that you will be eligible for extra time on the BMAT - please note that this year it is likely that the BMAT will be a computer exam, so please bear this in mind depending on your arrangements. 

How Do I Arrange BMAT Access Arrangements?

The most efficient way is to contact your local test centre and inform them of the need and reason for the BMAT access arrangements. It is likely that you will be required to show proof of this to them.