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1-1 GAMSAT Tutors in 2022
GAMSAT Tutoring with GAMSAT Experts Online 

☑️  10+ years experience 

☑️  Cover all 3 sections

☑️  Trusted by leading schools

☑️  Leading GAMSAT Experts

BMAT Tutoring Courses Lessons Online UK  TheUKCATPeople
UCAT Tutoring Courses Lessons Online UK  TheUKCATPeople
Personal Statement Tutoring Courses Lessons Online UK  TheUKCATPeople
UCAT Tutoring Courses Lessons Online UK  TheUKCATPeople

How It Works

Step 1

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Personalised Support

With your GAMSAT Tutor, you will begin to develop your revision plan to ensure that you tackle every GAMSAT section, and focus on all of your weaknesses with some of our excellent GAMSAT tutors. 

1-1 GAMSAT tutoring

All of our GAMSAT tutoring online sessions are 1-1, which means they are convenient for you. Your GAMSAT tutor will act as your mentor throughout the summer will coach you through GAMSAT Preparation

Expert GAMSAT Tutors

All of our GAMSAT tutors scored in the top 10% of the exam, and have been teaching GAMSAT tips and techniques through 1-1 GAMSAT Tutoring to 100s of students

GAMSAT Tips & Techniques

We have honed our strategies to tackle the GAMSAT over the past 10 years and as such have tips that are proven to work for all 3 GAMSAT sections to boost GAMSAT timing and strategies. 

How It Works

GAMSAT Tutoring Services

  • Flexible: frequency and lessons times are flexible around your schedule

  • Bespoke: focus on high yield topics and your major weaknesses

  • Transferrable: any extra hours can be used on UCATBMAT, PS or Interview tutoring

  • GAMSAT Essay Marking: your tutor will help mark your GAMSAT essays

  • Money-back Guaranteefull refund after 1st hour if you are unhappy

What happens next

💡 After purchasing, you will receive a call from a GAMSAT Mentor within 24 - 48h.

💡 All GAMSAT Tutoring is available as part of an Ultimate Package - including UCAT/BMAT/PS/Interview Tutoring and mentoring with a qualified expert (doctor/dentist/vet) - everything we offer at TheUKCATPeople. 

Questions? Give us a free call on 02034885468 or drop us a message

UCAT Tutoring Services

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How Does The GAMSAT Tutoring Work

  • Purchase 1 - 30 hours of GAMSAT Tutoring

  • A GAMSAT Coach will be in touch within 24 hours

  • We will assign a tutor, and you can begin the first session for GAMSAT help within a couple of days

  • Begin 1-1 GAMSAT coaching & build a personalised & bespoke GAMSAT revision plan

  • Money-back guarantee if you are unhappy after the 1st hour

UCAT Tutoring Tutors Online Help Advice Tips Tricks TheUKCATPeople
Dr. Akash

Founder | Doctor | Head Tutor

Akash is a junior doctor & our founder. He has tutored 1000s of successful pupils in receiving places to study Medicine & Dentistry across the country. He has also trained all of our UCAT tutors across the company. 

UCAT Tutoring Tutors Online Help Advice Tips Tricks TheUKCATPeople
Dr. Shahab

Founder | Dentist | Head Tutor

Shahab is a dentist & our co-founder. He has helped many pupils secure places to study dentistry at university. He has provided 1000s of UKCAT lessons. He scored in the top percentile in his UCAT and will show you how to do the same.

Our Mission

To support our students in each stage of their application through making substantial improvements in their performance and preparation.

Our Values

We adhere to the highest professional standards, by creating an environment for exceptional students to significantly improve their application.   

Our Promise

We promise to maintain excellent communication, give honest feedback, and support both parents & students throughout your application.

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UCAT Guide

Frequently Asked GAMSAT Questions

⏱️ How many hours of GAMSAT Tutoring do I need?

We would normally recommend at least 10 hours on the GAMSAT to cover all of the basics. To help give you a good chance of scoring well many of our students go on to book 20 hours with our GAMSAT tutors to boost their scores before their GAMSAT exam. The GAMSAT coaching will focus on your weaknesses to hone techniques and boost your ukcat score. Whatever you book - private ucat tutoring will ensure that you are prepared. The GAMSAT is a medical school test for graduate entry medicine that we will support you through however many hours that you purchase.

✈️ Do you help with the GAMSAT from abroad?

Absolutely - we help people with GAMSAT tutors from countries such as Australia, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong. We will ensure that all of our online lessons are suited to your time zone and flexible to work around your time zone. Our GAMSAT tutors in Australia, Singapore, India, Canada, America and Dubai will help to tailor your GAMSAT preparation to your own needs and backgrounds - we cover all International countries. Many internationals choose to join our online programmes for this.

👨‍🏫 How do you assign a GAMSAT Tutor?

We will ensure that your GAMSAT tutor is most suited to your personality and learning style. If you have any preferences on the type of tutor that you would like, please let us know and we can try and make it work. Our team comprises of some of the best GAMSAT tutors across the UK who have gone through our intensive training programme. All of our tutors are incredibly experienced and all scored in the top decile of their GAMSAT.

✅ Do I need GAMSAT tutoring?

In short - no; it does help many students. Many students often go through their entire ucat training process without any private GAMSAT tutoring. However, there are many others who seek a tutor for GAMSAT through GAMSAT training online to help boost their score. Perhaps they are struggling on one particular section, perhaps they didn't score well in the GAMSAT last year, or perhaps they require GAMSAT lessons to help provide bespoke training and a GAMSAT revision plan to help maximise their score. Our GAMSAT tutors help to build confidence, and teach tips and techniques and we have 100s of reviews of some of the most experienced and best GAMSAT tutoring programmes online.

🚆 Which cities do you teach the GAMSAT in the UK?

As a result of our teaching is carried out online, we have some of the best GAMSAT tutoring through our bespoke programme with our GAMSAT tutors in London, GAMSAT Tutors in Newcastle, GAMSAT Tutors in Oxford, GAMSAT Tutors in Birmingham, GAMSAT Tutors in Cambridge, GAMSAT Tutors in Cardiff, GAMSAT Tutors in Nottingham, GAMSAT Tutors in Chelmsford, GAMSAT Tutors in Belfast, GAMSAT Tutors in Edinburgh, GAMSAT Tutors in Glasgow, GAMSAT Tutors in Manchester, GAMSAT Tutors in Sheffield, GAMSAT Tutors in Reading, GAMSAT Tutors in Bristol, GAMSAT Tutors in Scotland - and many other cities across the UK.

🖥️ Where does the GAMSAT Tutoring take place?

As a result of most of our GAMSAT tutoring being carried out online, we can use platforms such as Skype, Google Meet and Zoom to carry out our GAMSAT Tutoring. This will help ensure that all lessons are flexible around your own needs and fit around your busy schedule and that of our GAMSAT Tutors. Many people look for GAMSAT tutors near me or in their local area, however, by teaching online, we are able to focus on selecting the best tutors and give you the best tutoring for your exam.

What happens if I have GAMSAT Tutoring hours left over?

Don’t worry - all of our online GAMSAT tutoring hours are flexible, if you have any remaining hours, we can use that towards UCAT Tutoring, BMAT Tutoring, Interview Tutoring or Personal Statement Tutoring.

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