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The Ultimate Package.
Everything you need to succeed in your UCAS application this year

Students who join the Ultimate Package have a success rate 5x the national average

What Does The Ultimate Package Include?

Each stage of our Intensive Ultimate Application Package is supported by your own allocated educational consultant. Click below to find out how we support you at every stage of your application process, whether you are in Year 10, 11, 12 or 13. Most of our students join 1 year before applying, but we accept students until August of the application year - with great success. 

It includes everything that we offer and you should need for your application. 

Click on each topic to find out more about how we help, and what each stage of the Ultimate Package includes:

Personalised & Bespoke Plan With Every Ultimate Package

Your assigned Mentor will help develop your personalised unique revision plan, covering everything you need to complete for your application.

They will be on hand 24/7 to support your application and answer any questions that you might have on a 1-1 basis. 

It serves as the central point for pupils, parents and their mentors. 

Personalised Revision Timetable Medicine Application

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We support students & parents from start to finish.

A qualified doctor, dentist or vet on hand every step of the way.

They will be on hand to answer all of your questions, check progress, working correctly and help choose the best universities for UCAS for the entire application process every day of the week as part of our ultimate package

This will reduce stress, worry and anxiety for parents and students - you have enough on your plate.​

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Dr. Akash

Founder | Doctor | Lead Mentor

Akash is a junior doctor & our founder. He has tutored 1000s of successful pupils in receiving places to study Medicine & Dentistry across the country. 

UCAT Tutoring Tutors Online Help Advice Tips Tricks TheUKCATPeople
Dr. Shahab

Founder | Dentist | Lead Mentor

Shahab is a dentist & our co-founder. He has helped many pupils secure places to study dentistry at university. He has provided 1000s of UKCAT lessons

UCAT Tutors Sonal Tutoring Online Per Hour
Dr. Sonal

Founder | Dentist | Lead Mentor

Sonal is a dentist & our UCAT course lead. She teaches at schools across the country, specialising in the UCAT & Dentistry Interview Practice. She is systematic, builds confidence and has vast amounts of UCAT experience. 

What our students say

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To join our programme - please get in contact with us today, or purchase the programme above and one of our Educational Consultants will give you a call by the next working day

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