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Veterinary Medicine Clearing and Gateway Courses


Veterinary Medicine Clearing 2022

Finding a Veterinary Medicine course through clearing is rare but not impossible - if you didn't receive an offer but were able to meet the grade / work experience requirements, then you may be able to get a place through clearing!


Veterinary Medicine Clearing 2021 - When?

Clearing will open on 10th August 2022 this year (A Level Results Day), and closes a month later. The clearing process moves very quickly, so we'd recommend looking into this as soon as you receive your A Level results - do not delay!

Veterinary Medicine Clearing - How?

Check the UCAS website ASAP on results day - vacancies for all courses will be displayed here. What we most strongly advise, though, is getting straight on the phone to the universities - as there are only 10 vet schools in the UK, it is feasible for you to call every single one should you wish to do so.