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Application Guide 2023: 


UCAT Scores and UCAT Scoring Guide 2023 for 2024 entry

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Dr. Akash Gandhi 

Medicine Admissions Expert


When do you get UCAT results? 

You get your UCAT score as soon as you finish the exam, so you can begin planning which UCAT universities you should apply to.

Students often have many questions including: 

  • How the UCAT test is scored? 

  • What is a good UCAT score in 2023? 

  • What is the highest UCAT score? 

  • What is the UKCAT scoring system? 

  • Where to apply with a low UCAT score in 2023?

  • UCAT Scores in 2023. 

Read on to have all of these questions answered. 

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How Is The UCAT Scored?

The main four sections (Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Decision Making and Abstract Reasoning) of the UCAT are each scored out of 900 marks. Your performance in each section is scaled to a score between 300 and 900. You can either take your total score out of 3600 or take the average of the four sections' scores to get a score out of 900.

The UCAT Situational Judgement Test is scored using UCAT bands. The UCAT SJT is scored from band 1-4 with band 1 being the highest and band 4 the lowest.

For the UKCAT situational judgement test - an excellent score would be band 1 in the UCAT situational judgement test, and a good score would be scoring a band 2 in the UCAT situational judgement test. The UCAT scoring system for the SJT includes half marks and partial marks for some answers which are on either side of the correct answer, but this is not always the case. The UCAT marking system allows for some discretion in this subsection.

This is how UCAT scores are broken down:

How long does your UCAT score last?

Your UCAT score lasts for one year, ie the application cycle in that year. Unfortunately, if you reapply the next year, you will need to resit the exam.