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Medicine at University of Keele Medical School

Overview of Keele Medical School


An innovative, highly-integrated medical curriculum at Sunderland in partnership with Keele University Medicine. Sunderland is one of only five new medical schools, established to address the regional imbalance of medical education places across England and to widen access to ensure the profession reflects the communities it serves. Attending the Keele Medical School Open day will give you a better insight into the university.


Course Structure at Keele University School of Medicine

Medicine at Keele University involves the following phases: 

Phase 1

Years 1 and 2: Overview with early clinical exposure whilst learning the fundamentals of Medicine. 

Phase 2: 

Years 3 and 4: Learning the clinical background with clinical placements building on the foundations of clinical knowledge and skills developed in the preceding years.

Phase 3: 

Year 5: Very extensive student assistantships to prepare you for practice as a Foundation Year 1 doctor

Keele University Medicine Entry Requirements


Grade 6 (B) in Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At least 5 subjects at 7 (A)

A Levels


Including Biology or Chemistry plus (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Further Maths/Statistics) Resits: If AAB - resit the B subject. If <AAB - all three need to be resat at same time.


35 points including three grade 6 passes at IB Higher Level and grades of 6, 6, 5 at Standard Level are required. Higher Level subjects must include Chemistry or Biology, plus one from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths and a third rigorous subject. /

Scottish Higher

National 5: a minimum of 5 subjects at grade A with a minimum of grade B in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Higher: minimum of AAAAB, including Chemistry/Biology plus a second science both at A, to be achieved by the end of S5 (i.e. before applying)

Scottish Advanced

Scottish Advanced Higher: minimum of AB from two subjects (both sciences) sat in S6. Any additional subject sat at Higher level in S6 must be achieved at grade B or higher Any science subject not being offered at Higher or Advanced Higher level must have been passed at Standard/National 5 grade B/2