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Medicine at University of Leicester Medical School

University of Leicester Medical School Overview


University of Leicester Medicine has been teaching medical students for more than 40 years. Their experience ensures an excellent standard of teaching and a supportive community and excellent modern facilities provide a state-of-the-art learning environment which can be seen on The Leicester Medical Open Day. Leicester University Medicine's curriculum has been revised to make it even more patient-focused. The course is designed to be clinically relevant throughout and integrates learning, enabling students to acquire the medical knowledge and professional competencies that are essential to practise medicine effectively. Students also receive hands-on experience, working with real patients from the beginning.


Leicester Medicine Course Structure

5 years. Integrated with 2 pre-clinical and 3 clinical years. There is the opportunity to intercalate. Phase 1 comprises Years 1 and 2 of your course. The teaching is integrated so that you learn all disciplines (anatomy, physiology etc.) within the context of a patient's presentations. For Phase 2 (Years 3, 4 and 5), your clinical learning evolves through apprenticeship: Year 3: 12-week placements in hospital medicine, hospital surgery and primary care Year 4: Speciality blocks including child health, mental health and cancer care Year 5: Foundation assistantships in hospital and community placements to hone skills before working as a doctor

Leicester Medicine Entry Requirements


Grade B (6) in English Language, Mathematics, Two Sciences Resits: Will consider resits in GCSE English Language

A Levels


Will consider A*AB provided they have at least an A in Chemistry or Biology. Resits: AAB can resit the B. ABB can resit the two Bs if significant mitigating circumstances (need prior approval).


36 points overall (excluding core or bonus points), and a minimum score of 6 in three Higher Level subjects (including Chemistry or Biology, and one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology). We do not consider bonus points.

Scottish Higher

They will not consider you if you are only taking Scottish Highers.

Scottish Advanced

Leicester will consider Scottish Advanced Highers either alone or in combination with A-levels. Our standard offer is AAA, to include Chemistry or Biology, and one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology.