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Overview of Swansea Medical School


MBBCh Graduate-entry medicine at Swansea University Medical School is a fully independent four year course, primarily based in Swansea and South-East Wales, with the opportunity to undertake clinical placements across Wales. Swansea University Medical School was established in 2001 and already has an excellent reputation at home and overseas, not only for teaching but also research. It is a small medical school with around 100 spaces, so you will benefit from extensive contact with teaching staff and you will have contact with patients right from the start during the first semester.


Swansea Graduate medicine Course Structure

Phase I 

Learning Weeks (Case based, includes Integrated Clinical Method) Community-Based Learning (CBL) in General Practice for one day every fourth or fifth week

Phase II 

Case of the Week (Case Based Learning Weeks) Clinical Apprenticeships and Assistantships (Medicine, Surgery and Primary Care) (4-8) including 8 weeks in CBL Specialty Attachments Elective in Year 4 (5 Week Clinical Placement mostly taken overseas) Senior Assistantship / Shadowing period at end of Year 4 prior to F1

University of Swansea Medicine Entry Requirements


Minimum of C at GCSE Maths and English/Welsh

A Levels



Scottish Higher


Scottish Advanced



Swansea Medicine Admission Tests






Required for Swansea University Medicine Graduate Entry.

At the time of application, you must have or be expecting a minimum overall GAMSAT score of 50, including a minimum of 50 in Paper 3 (Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences) in order to be considered.

Candidates that meet the GAMSAT cut-off score will be invited to interview. The cut-off is determined annually once all scores have been received. The cut-off may vary for Pathways students, please refer to the Pathways to Medicine for more information.


Course Information

Graduate Entry

Swansea is a graduate entry program only




Work Experience for Swansea University College of Medicine

There are no specific work experience requirements. However, the Medical School like to investigate whether you have an appreciation for healthcare work, voluntary or paid. It is important that you have an understanding of the realities of a career in medicine, and this can even be done through discussing a potential career in medicine with anyone who works in the NHS, too.


Personal Statement for Medicine Swansea University

The personal statement will be used to determine your motivation to study medicine. It may be used in MMI stations to further explore your understanding of a career in this field.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?





Swansea Uni Medical School Interview


Interview Type: Currently via zoom Originally: Situational judgement assessment: length 30 minutes. This will not assess your decision making skills rather than your clinical skills suitable for a career in medicine Panel interviews x2. Each 20minutes long.


Interview Dates: March-May 2021


Swansea Medical School Interview Questions / Topics

  • Communication Skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Coping with pressure

  • Insight and Integrity

  • Passion for medicine

  • Resilience to succeed


Contact Details

School of Medicine
Swansea University
Singleton Park

Tel:  01792 602618


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