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Medicine at University of St Andrews Medical School

Overview of St Andrews Medicine


Having recently celebrated the universities 600th birthday, St Andrews is a vibrant and diverse close-knit community that really excels, itself, in teaching and research. Our student satisfaction ratings are consistently ranked as one of the highest out of all UK universities. The St Andrews Medical School programme integrated a sound knowledge of the scientific basis of medicine within a professional, clinical context. This approach produces graduates who not only understand medicine but also recognise the important contribution that science and scientific research makes to the practice of modern medicine.


University of St Andrews School of Medicine Course Structure

The medical degree programme is six years long; students graduating BSc (Hons) Medicine from St Andrews will progress to one of the University's partner medical schools in Scotland or England for the final three years. 

Foundations of Medicine 1: provides a general overview of the structure and functions of the body systems from the microscopic to the macroscopic level, and includes strands of microbiology, public health and health psychology. 

Foundations of Medicine 2: continues the introduction of fundamental topics, including the principles of disease mechanisms and therapy, and the development of communication skills. 

Medicine Honours 3: revisits foundation knowledge and progresses to more complex systems. This module provides in-depth coverage of normal structure and function of the central nervous system and endocrine systems. 

Medicine Honours 4 (Student-Selected Component): you will undertake a student-selected component in the form of a research project. 

Medicine Honours 5 (Clinical Reasoning): consolidates knowledge acquired throughout the course and introduces new advanced skills to stimulate clinical development.

University of St Andrews Medical School Entry Requirements


GCSE 5 in Biology, Mathematics, and English. In addition, a minimum of five A grades (grade 7 in numerical grading) at GCSE to be taken at one sitting, will be required. Applicants with achieved A-Levels, may be considered with less than five A grades (grade 7 in numerical grading) at GCSE.

A Levels


Must include Chemistry and one of Biology, Mathematics or Physics


Standard entry grades: 38 points (HL 6,6,6 plus SL 6,6,6)

Minimum entry grades: 36 points (HL 6,6,5 plus SL 6,6,5) These grades must include HL in Chemistry and HL in one of Biology, Mathematics or Physics. If not passed at HL, applicants must have SL in Biology, Mathematics and English. - Either 'Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches' or 'Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation' are accepted as meeting the Mathematics requirement. Standard Level Mathematics Studies is not acceptable. Mathematics