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Medicine at University of Aberdeen Medical School & Interview Questions 2024

Overview of The University of Aberdeen Medical School


Students in Aberdeen have the opportunity to study medicine in a thriving medical school that is co-located on one of the largest clinical sites in Europe with superb teaching and extensive research facilities. The course students undertake is very modern, dynamic and clearly delivered using a systems-based, integrated approach. Student feedback is encouraged and is extremely important in informing future course developments.

The three best things about going to study at the University of Aberdeen Medical School are:

  1. The opportunity to study medicine in a thriving medical school that has superb teaching and extensive research facilities.

  2. A modern, dynamic course that is delivered using a systems-based, integrated approach, which ensures that students are prepared for the demands of the medical profession.

  3. Student feedback is encouraged and is used to inform future course developments, ensuring that the course remains relevant and up-to-date.


Course Structure for University of Aberdeen Medicine

  • Year 1: Foundations of Medicine, Anatomy and clinical skills at Aberdeen Medical School 

  • Year 2: Alimentary system, Head/Neck/Dermatology and Nervous system

  • Year 3: Bi-weekly clinical attachments and by the end of the year, you will be able to perform a complete - head-to-toe examination of your patients

  • Year 4: Senior Clinical Practice. Five horizontal themes also arc across the curriculum: diagnostics, end of - life care, health data science, quality improvement, cost and value of healthcare

  • Year 5: Final year represents a deliberate change in approach from the systems-based learning of Years 1 to 4, to experience professional practice as a member of the clinical team dealing with the whole patient.

Aberdeen Medicine Entry Requirements


Grade 6 (B) in English Language and Maths - Biology is recommended - Physics is recommended (or Dual Award Science)

A combination of Grade 6-9 passes at GCSE is expected, especially in science subjects.

A Levels


Must include Chemistry & Biology/Human Biology/ Maths/Physics


36 points

Three subjects at Higher level at grade 6 or higher including Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics or Maths. Three appropriate subjects at standard level with average grade 6 including one science if three not offered at Higher level.

Scottish Higher

SQA - AAAAB at SQA Higher level including Chemistry and two from Human Biology/Biology, Maths or Physics and two further Highers in most subjects. 

S6: Three full academic courses in Advanced Highers or a mix of two Advanced Highers and one new Higher at BBB grade.

Scoring of Highers & Advanced Highers for Aberdeen (2023)

  • Scottish Highers - A = 10pts, B = 5 pts, only 5 subjects scored. Max available points for S5 = 50 pts. 

  • Advanced Highers A/B = 9 pts. Max available for S6 = 28. 

  • Max total points available for Scottish school leaver still at school = 78

Scottish Advanced


Degree (Graduates)

2:1 Honours degree. Chemistry: Grade B or above for Scottish Higher (SQA) or A Level


Admission Tests for University of Aberdeen Medicine Entry Requirements



Aberdeen UCAT Cut Off 2024 for 2025 Entry

Aberdeen Medical School UCAT Cut Off Score


  • 2023 Entry: (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2670), (Graduates, Average Invited = 2630)

  • 2022 entry: 2440 (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2670), 2440 (Graduates, Average Invited = 2660)

  • 2021 entry: 2370 (School Leavers), 2630 (Graduates)

👉🏼 LOWEST UCAT Scores INVITED TO INTERVIEW (University of Aberdeen UCAT Cut off) [Rest of the UK]

  • 2023 Entry: 2500 (non-WP) (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2760), (Graduates, Average Invited = 2660)

  • 2022 entry: 2580 (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2850), (Graduates, Average Invited = 2720)

  • 2021 entry: 2650 (School Leavers), 2620 (Graduates)

👉🏼  LOWEST UCAT Scores INVITED TO INTERVIEW (Aberdeen UCAT Cut off) [International Students]

  • 2023 Entry: 2700 (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2800), (Graduates, Average Invited = 2770)

  • 2022 entry: 2570 (School Leavers, Average Invited = 2640), 2570 (Graduates, Average Invited = 2910)

  • 2021 entry: 2600 (School Leavers), 2630 (Graduates)

Aberdeen Medicine Entry Requirements & Selection Criteria:

Your application is assessed and scored objectively by:

  • Assessing your academic achievements/predictions (30%).

  • UCAT score (20%) - SJT not scored.

  • Adding the academic and UCAT score together, then inviting the highest-scoring applicants to interview.

  • Interview performance (50%) is added to the already achieved score.

The SJT is used if there are two similar candidates

Places Available:

  • Scottish Students: 254

  • Rest of UK Students: 25

  • International Students: 19

👉🏼 Latest UCAT Cut Off Scores Per Medical School (Updated for 2024 Entry)

👉🏼 Where to apply with a low UCAT score in 2024 (2025 Entry)





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Course Information

Graduate Entry




After year 3 or 4

Applications : Place

Application Statistics (Home)

Application Statistics (International)



Applications : Interview



International Student Tuition Fee

The international student fee per year is £50100


Work Experience for University of Aberdeen Medicine

Required. Attempt to arrange private visits to medical schools and speak with doctors/students, or get information about open days.


Personal Statement for Aberdeen Medical School

Required and used highly in the application - reviewed before the interview, not scored but assessed at interview


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?



A one year course for those studying in Scottish Secondary schools from widening access backgrounds. It guarantees a place on year 1 of their MBBS Medicine programme - but pupils must perform well on their course and do well at the UCAT & MMI Interview


Eligibility criteria: Scottish residents only. 

Academic Entry Criteria

  • A minimum of 4 Highers at AABB over one or two sittings (over S4-S6). This must include any two sciences from Chemistry, Maths, Biology/Human Biology and Physics or;

  • National Certificate Level 6 Applied Sciences Group award, to be achieved with 18 credits plus a science Higher at grade A achieved over one academic session and accompanied by a suitable reference from course tutor


Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant is resident in an area with a SIMD20 (Quintile 1) postcode as classfifed by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

  • Applicant is a young person who is care experienced (e.g. looked after by the local authority in care or care leaver) 

OR - meets a minimum of TWO from the below list:

  • Applicant is registered with (or eligible for) the Reach Program Scotland

  • First generation applicant to higher education

  • Applicant is eligible for the Educational Maintenance Award

  • Applicant attends one of these target schools

  • Applicant can provide verifiable independent evidence (e.g. from School Head Teacher) of severe sustained financial hardship that is not reflected in current SIMD categorisation 

  • Prior to secondary school, the applicant was not schooled in English (e.g. the applicant did not speak English when starting secondary school).


Aberdeen Medicine Interview Questions 2024

Key Details

  • MMI Interview at Aberdeen Medical School

  • In Person (confirmed for 2023 entry), not virtual.

  • The interviews will take place at Suttie Centre, Foresterhill

  • Lasts approximately 1 hour in total

  • There will be six stations in total, with each lasting 5 minutes

  • Each station will cover one key domain, with interpersonal skills and communication being assessed at every station.

Interview Dates

The Aberdeen Medicine MMI Interviews begin on 19th December 2022. They will run from December 2022 - March 2023

Key Aspects

🎓 Aberdeen Medicine Interview Questions & Topics for 2024 entry

There are many ways that selectors may explore the domains that form part of an MMI.

Candidates may be asked to:

  • Discuss their preparation for entry to Medicine

  • Research into undergraduate curricula and postgraduate training

  • Research then understanding of the implications of a medical career

  • Experience in caring or other environments

  • Consider a new situation and discuss their thoughts or suggest a solution to solve a problem

  • Outline any learning points from previous experiences

  • Reflect upon their own and others' skills and abilities

  • Consider their potential contribution to the care of others

Key MMI Domains likely to be covered at Aberdeen:

  • Work Experience*

  • Motivation to study medicine

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Core qualities of a doctor

  • Teamwork

  • Professionalism

  • Personal Statement

💯 Aberdeen Medical Interview Questions Scoring in 2024

The student will be scored in several areas including:

  • Ability to express ideas freely and coherently

  • How well they use their existing knowledge to formulate answers to unknown areas

  • Their ability to follow a reasoned argument and formulate an opinion

  • The degree to which they are prepared for questions

  • Their ability to discuss different aspects (advantages & disadvantages) of a problem/situation

  • The degree of motivation, commitment, reflection and sensitivity demonstrated

Each station will also independently score communication and interpersonal skills.

Aberdeen Medicine Interview Past Questions

Candidates were asked to imagine that they were a first-year medical students and at the end of the year had found out they had failed a very important exam.  The re-sit was in 2 weeks time and would establish whether the student could continue with the course. 

The student is also captain (and one of the top scorers) of the basketball team, with a very important match coming up that requires daily training sessions.  On top of that, candidates were informed that they had just received a text from a friend that they haven't seen for a while, asking if they wanted to go out 'to party'.

Candidates had 2 minutes to consider this situation and think of possible questions that might arise and how they would go about answering them.  They then enter the station and are 'interviewed' for 7 minutes.

❓Aberdeen Medical Interview Questions 2024

Please find below a list of suggested questions that could come up at your interview in 2023/2024 based on the information provided by the university. 

Motivation to study medicine

  1. Why medicine?

  2. Why Aberdeen?

  3. What did you learn from your work experience?

  4. What do you know about the Aberdeen Medicine course? How is it taught?

  5. What is the remote rural practice offered by Aberdeen medical school?

  6. What is the difference between medicine in cities and in rural areas in Aberdeen?

  7. Why do you think you will be well suited to this course?

  8. Why medicine and not dentistry or nursing?

  9. Tell us about your volunteering

  10. What are your hobbies?

  11. What are the negatives of a career in medicine?

  12. What are the careers of your family?

  13. Are you the 1st of your siblings to go to University?

  14. How are you going to finance medical school?

  15. What first made you realise you wanted to be a doctor?

  16. What would you do if you didn’t get into medical school this year?

  17. Give us an example of a time when you have cared for others.

Personal Insight

  1. Why should patients trust you?

  2. What are your best qualities?

  3. How do you manage stress?

  4. Give us an example of a time when you demonstrated resilience.

  5. Give us an example of a time when you demonstrated teamwork.

  6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  7. How would your friends describe you?

  8. Tell us about an article that you have recently read.

  9. Should doctors always tell the truth?

NHS & Local Area

  1. What changes would you make to the NHS if you could?

  2. How would you manage a public health campaign?

  3. How would you improve the local A&E department?

  4. What are the NHS values and why are they important?

  5. What is it like to be a doctor?

  6. How do you deal with overpopulation?

  7. What do you know about the local area here in Aberdeen?

  8. What are the biggest issues surrounding non-communicable diseases on a local, national and international level?

  9. What are the main challenges that face the NHS?

  10. How has COVID changed the way the NHS operates?

  11. What do you think are going to be the long-term consequences of COVID on the NHS?

  12. How does the healthcare system differ here compared to other areas in the UK?

Ethical Scenarios

  1. Understanding of the four ethical principles

  2. Understanding of the GMC’s good medical practice

  3. What is the debate surrounding euthanasia, should it be legalised?

  4. Who would you give this organ to? [Prioritisation]

  5. If you notice that a colleague has turned up to work drunk, what would you do?

  6. Who can you escalate concerns to within a hospital?

  7. Role play: dealing with an aggressive customer

  8. Role play: dealing with a patient who has added you on social media

🗣️ University of Aberdeen Medicine Interview Tips for 2024 Entry

  1. Keep your answers succinct - this allows the Aberdeen selectors enough time to ask all of the interview questions that they want or need to - allowing you the best chance of scoring well.

  2. No need to learn science - Given that the pre-interview scoring system selects candidates who appear to have sufficient academic potential, the interview does not test academic knowledge or have any questions relating to the school curriculum.

  3. Have examples ready to use: many of the questions asked at Aberdeen are example-based, ie, they require you to draw on certain examples from your personal life, medical work experience and medical volunteering to help make key points that the selectors are looking for. As such, it is paramount that you spend time learning about these examples and thinking about different scenarios that you can use at the interview. It is helpful if these scenarios are malleable and can be applied to a number of different questions e.g. being a football captain, deputy head girl or playing in the school orchestra.

  4. Personal Attributes - Aberdeen is very likely to ask you about personal attributes during the MMI interview. As such it is paramount that you go through and learn these. Check out our 200+ interview question and answer guide for dealing with such interview questions. 

  5. Know the doctor training pathway: this is useful to draw into answers to show awareness about the career in medicine - and demonstrates that you have a considered approach, fortunately, we have a guide to the NHS and the doctor’s training pathway.

  6. Read the MMI instructions carefully - you get enough time to read the instructions provided before the MMI station. Make sure that you don’t miss anything from this. Try and plan how you will structure your answer thereafter in the reading time that you get. Therefore it is really important that you practice MMI questions and ensure that you think about your structure for as many questions as possible before your interview.

  7. MMI Stations - remembe