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We provide private, online tutoring on all stages of the Medical & Dental School application process. This includes UCAT, BMAT, Interview, Personal Statements - as well as general 'applying to Medicine or Dentistry' advice. 

Find our more about some of our lead mentors here:


Dr Akash

Doctor | UCL | Cambridge

BMAT: 7.2, 7.1, 4A | UCAT: 773

Dr. Akash has been helping students win places at Medical school for ten years. He graduated from Cambridge with a 1st class & prize, and from UCL with a distinction and now works as a junior doctor in London. He has held numerous teaching positions and previously sat on Medial interview panels. He enjoys reading & playing tennis. 


Dr Sonal

Dentist | King's College London

UCAT: 793

Dr. Sonal is a Dental admissions expert - having received all four offers to study Dentistry. She has over nine years of experience and specialises in the UCAT, personal statement & interview practice, having sat on Dental admissions panels. She strives to instil confidence and enthusiasm in all of her pupils. She enjoys dancing and listening to music. 


Dr Shahab

Dentist | University of Sheffield

UCAT: 800

Dr. Shahab has been helping students with places at Dental school for ten years. He specialises in the UCAT, personal statement & interview practice and has extensive experience teaching courses across the country. He currently works as a dentist in Oxfordshire, where he enjoys playing football and reading. 

We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it

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"Akash & Shahab provided invaluable tuition for UKCAT in a logical manner and made the stressful task of sitting the exam more manageable. They were able to communicate essential techniques comprehensively"


"I am very grateful to have met Sonal from TheUKCATPeople. She was patient, caring and always taught with a smile! I received all 4 of my offers for Dentistry, mainly because of all the practice that we did! I cannot recommend her highly enough."

UKCAT - 780

"Shahab was truly a fantastic tutor over Skype. It was only down to him that i scored 780 in my UKCAT, and then his interview help got me Dentistry offers at King's, Queen Mary's and Sheffield! Thanks so much."


"Akash is a great tutor especially for the UKCAT. He helped me with my UKCAT prep and gave me invaluable tips that came in really handy. He also provided extra resources! all of this helped me achieve 740 average. thanks."

Lisa, Sheffield

UKCAT - 783

"TheUKCATpeople were great at helping me find shortcuts and tricks to score highly in the Verbal Reasoning section of the UKCAT. I scored 810 in that section"

James, London

UKCAT - 810

BMAT - 6.3, 8.0, 4A

"Shahab was a reliable & engaging tutor with great teaching skills. He was always helpful, even outside of the tuition lessons. Highly recommended.