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UCAT Preparation


How To Prepare For UCAT?

We recommend that you spend at least 100 - 110 hours preparing for the UCAT. 

For most people, this involves answering over 4000 questions. 

Looking back at 10 years of data, this is the work our most successful students put in for the UCAT. 

We recommend starting early to prepare for the UCAT, for many people this involves doing a UCAT course, or beginning UCAT tutoring with one of our expert tutors. For most people, this is 2-3 months before your exam date. 

Initially, begin familiarising yourself with the different types of questions that come up in the exam. Do not begin timing yourself until you become more confident in answering the questions, and are able to answer questions with confidence in untimed conditions. 

We normally recommend beginning timing yourself about halfway through your revision. 


Preparing For UCAT - Outline

We recommend starting at least 3 months before your exam. We would recommend joining one of our online UCAT courses or beginning 1-1 tuition with one of our expert UCAT tutors. This way you will be able to learn the most effective strategies from the beginning of your practice. We then recommend practicing as much as possible and building up the practice in the lead-up to your exam. We recommend completing at least 4 hours of work a day in the fortnight before your UCAT exam as the best preparation for the UCAT exam. 


  • Start your UCAT preparation early

  • Give yourself enough time to prepare each and every section

  • Don't do one section/week - it is more efficient to do a little from every section regularly, to keep practicing and ensuring that your UCAT preparation is effective.

  • Use the best resources available online