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What Is UCAT Test


What Is The UCAT Test 2022?

The UCAT Test is an exam that is designed to help Medical & Dental Schools differentiate between candidates, by testing their aptitude, attitude, decision making and professionalism to cope in a career in Medicine or Dentistry.

It is one of the key factors that helps differentiate candidates - it is used along with the GCSE grades, A-Level grades, Personal Statement and Interview ability to help universities make a decision on whether you will receive an offer to study their course.

Year on year more and more candidates are applying to study Medicine & Dentistry, so it looks as though the UCAT performance could be even more important this year - as it helps set students apart from other candidates. 


Who Should Take The UCAT?

Anyone looking to study or apply to a university in the UK that uses the UCAT in their application process will need to sit the UCAT. Currently, this pertains to Medical & Dental Schools in the UK. 

Everyone must sit the UCAT - there are no exceptions at these universities.

If you are sitting the exam from Australia or New Zealand - you will need to sit the UCAT ANZ.

Which Universities Require The UCAT?

In the UK there are over 30 universities that require the UCAT. To help gauge which universities look at the UCAT, and more importantly, how they use the UCAT - please check out our UCAT Universities Guide.