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Application Guide 2023: 


Ultimate Medicine Work Experience Guide 2023

<p class="font_8"><a href=""><strong>Dr. Akash Gandhi&nbsp;</strong></a></p>
<p class="font_8">Medicine Admissions Expert</p>

Dr. Akash Gandhi 

Medicine Admissions Expert


Struggling to arrange medical work experience or unsure how much you need to do to boost your application or need help getting hospital or GP work experience? 

Find out everything you need to know about arranging and booking medicine work experience in 2023, be it in GP, hospital or with other doctors. 

Find out how much you need and how to go about arranging the medicine work experience. In this guide you will be able to find out and learn about:

  • Hospital medicine work experience

  • GP medicine work experience

  • International medicine work experience

  • Work experience during COVID

  • Volunteering in medicine 

  • How to reflect on work experience in your personal statement and interviews

The only medicine work experience guide that you need!


The importance of medical work experience in 2023

A key component of your application to medical school is the portfolio of work experience that you can build up. Not only does this benefit your understanding directly, but it also significantly bolsters the likelihood of your application’s success.

A career in medicine is complex, and you can take it in many different directions. There is no better way to understand its unique benefits and drawbacks than by seeing the work of doctors first-hand. 

Being a doctor is certainly not for everyone, and by undertaking a significant amount of varied work experience you can better ascertain if it’s something that you want to commit yourself to.

Additionally, medical schools want to take in students who understand these drawbacks and are not looking at the career through rose-tinted glasses. These students are more likely to be committed and work hard, and less likely to drop out. 

Work experience shows that you have put time and effort into considering what a career in medicine entails and whether or not it really is right for you. Additionally, it enables you to build the skills required for medicine and to be a doctor.

Given this, you should try to undertake as much varied work experience as possible before applying to medical school. There is plenty of medical work experience for 16-year-olds & 17-year-olds and even younger pupils. 

There is always something available, from Year 12 medicine work experience to Year 10 medicine work experience or even earlier. Finding medical work experience for 14 & 15-year-olds can be more challenging as many GP practices and hospitals have a minimum age of 16, but if you are keen to get started early then you should look at our guides for volunteer work experience or online work experience during covid.