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Bespoke private 1-1 BMAT tuition with one of our highly experienced BMAT tutors arranged at a time that is mutually convenient. We will work through all three sections of the BMAT, learning tips, tricks and techniques to boost your BMAT score and give you the best BMAT result through structured BMAT preparation.

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An intensive one-to-one BMAT one day course covering all five sections of the BMAT that you need to know with tips, guidance and advice along with practice questions to improve your BMAT skills all within 1 day!

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Akash is a junior doctor & our founder. He has tutored 1000s of successful pupils in receiving places to study Medicine & Dentistry across the country - find out more about him here. He has also trained all of our BMAT tutors across the company. 

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  • 23,710 aspiring medics applied to study medicine in 2020 

  • 92% will not receive an offer from their chosen university

  • 47% of applicants do not receive a single interview

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  • Our team consists of qualified doctors & top scoring BMAT Tutors that have extensive experience in the BMAT application and know how to master the BMAT specification

  • We will help you with your BMAT preparation with your BMAT tutor helping guide you throughout the summer. They will take you through all three BMAT sections in a step by step formula that we have created with over 10 years experience in tutoring the BMAT.

BMAT Test 2021 Guide & FAQs

What is BMAT?

The BMAT is a 2-hour, pen-and-paper test divided into three sections. You can see what is in each section and also a list of courses that require BMAT below.

Do you take the BMAT in year 12 or 13?

The BMAT Test is taken in the first term of year 13. The test is usually scheduled in the first week of November - with the date changing each year. Your BMAT results are released online about one month later. Therefore, you must apply to your universities BEFORE you have sat or even know the results of the BMAT.

Who takes the BMAT?

Candidates intending on applying to university for courses such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL and the Royal Veterinary College will be required to sit the BMAT at the start of November.
To secure a place at a BMAT university the student must attain a score within one of the highest percentiles. All of our BMAT tutors have either recently graduated from, or are studying at one of these universities having been awarded exceptional grades in the BMAT.

What makes our BMAT tutors special?

All of our BMAT tutors scored in the top 5 percentile on the BMAT - they know all of the tips, tricks and techniques that you need to succeed in the BMAT Test. Give us a call to find out more.

How is the BMAT test scored?

Questions in Sections 1 and 2 are worth 1 mark each. Total raw marks for each section are converted to BMAT's scale, which runs from 1 (low) to 9 (high). Typical BMAT candidates will score around 5.0, roughly half marks. The best candidates will score around 6.0 Writing Tasks in Section 3 are marked by two examiners. Each examiner gives two scores – one for quality of content (on a scale of 0–5), and one for quality of written English (on the scale A, C, E). Combining the scores for Section 3: If the two marks for content are the same or no more than one mark apart, the candidate gets the average of the two marks.

When do you get BMAT results?

When are BMAT results released? Results are generally released three to four weeks after the exam is taken. BMAT results 2021: results will be released online at the end of November.

When to start preparing for BMAT?

We recommend that most students start preparing for the BMAT at least 6 weeks before the exam. This gives enough time to go through all of the preparation material and practice all of the past papers. Our highest scoring candidates have had the benefit of one of our BMAT tutors throughout this process. The BMAT tutoring provided by TheUKCATPeople will help you boost your BMAT score and ensure that you are not wasting time during your preparation of the course.

Which universities require BMAT?

BMAT 2021, the following BMAT universities will be using the BMAT:

  • University of Cambridge.
  • University of Oxford Medical School.
  • Imperial College London.
  • University College London.
  • Leeds' School of Medicine.
  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School.
  • Keele University (overseas applicants only, home applicants sit the UCAT)
  • Lancaster University.

How long does it take to prepare for BMAT?

We usually recommend at least 6 weeks of intense preparation for the BMAT exam. This allows enough time to go through all three sections and allows enough time for learning & practice. We have all the BMAT past papers and cover aspects of the BMAT specification throughout our practice and BMAT tutoring.

How to do well in BMAT section 1

Scoring well in section 1 of the BMAT requires good preparation and practice. It is important to understand how to answer both types of section 1 question and go through this with your BMAT tutor. They will show you the tips and tricks to help answer these questions efficiently and accurately.

How to do well in BMAT section 2

The key to succeeding in the BMAT section 2 is to make full use of the BMAT Specification (see below to download it). The BMAT specification outlines all of the content that students are expected to learn and draw upon to answer the BMAT exam questions. You can see them in use throughout the BMAT past papers (see below). The BMAT specification should form an important part of your BMAT preparation, which will help you receive an offer from your BMAT universities. Remember to contact our specialist BMAT tutors to learn more about how to use BMAT resources well to help boost your BMAT score and get the best BMAT results as possible!

How to do well in BMAT section 3

The BMAT Section 3 Essay is often dreaded by students. However, practicing planning of these essays should form a large part of your BMAT preparation. Knowing what the minimum requirements are for this section will help boost your BMAT score. Remember - you only have thirty minutes to write one page of A4 in this section - this requires organised planning. Our BMAT tutors can help guide you through this.

BMAT score conversion

BMAT Sections 1&2: Each question is worth 1 mark. Each of these raw marks are then converted into a normalised score that goes from 1 to 9. A rough score conversion would mean that someone with a section 1 raw score of 15 would receive the average score of 4.5 in section 1. In section 2 they would need 12 marks to score 4.5, Please note that these scores change every year and as such be careful using past BMAT score conversions.

BMAT Past Papers

We have every BMAT past paper available on our website. Please scroll below to gain access to every BMAT past paper and the most recent BMAT test specification.

BMAT Specification

The most up to date BMAT Specification is available below, please scroll down to gain access to this.

BMAT Past Papers 2021

All BMAT Past Papers are available on our website here with free BMAT worked solutions. Click on the link below to access them:

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Nottingham University

"Doing 1-1 medicine interview practice with Akash provided me with the content, structure and confidence to succeed at my interview. Breaking up what I needed to do with helpful pointers to direct my practice proved invaluable when it came to medical interviews. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to secure their place at Medical School"

Suraj, London

UCAT (UKCAT) - 797

BMAT - 7.2, 7.8, 5A

"My best advice is to get in contact with The UKCAT People (Akash & Sonal in particular) as soon as possible. Without your help I wouldn't have gained medicine offers from King's, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield for Dentistry! They went over and beyond!"

Benjamin, London

UCL Medical School

"Akash went through my medicine personal statement in immense detail, offering suggestions that none of my teachers had even thought of. He knew exactly what was needed to enhance my personal statement, and went through the tips logically."

Shirley, Dublin

Cambridge University

"I travelled from Dublin to London for the UKCAT course run by Sonal from The UKCAT People, and it was definitely worthwhile! I'm now looking to continue with some UKCAT Skype lessons closer to my exam."

The UKCAT People

We will support you throughout your applications during the 2021-2022 cycle. 


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