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UCAT Situational Judgement Test


What Is UCAT Situational Judgement Test?

The Situational Judgement Test UKCAT measures your capacity to understand real-world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them. 

Here you have 27 minutes (including 1 minute of instructions) to answer 69 questions that are associated with 22 scenarios. 

Each of these scenarios contains 2 to 5 questions.


Why Include Situational Judgement UCAT?

There are a number of different aspects of one’s thinking that the UCAT situational judgement test assesses. It assessed integrity, teamwork, resilience, and adaptability. These are all key personality traits that the GMC believes all doctors should demonstrate to some extent. Situational Judgement Tests are widely used in medical and dental selection, as well as for foundation doctors, dentists, and GPs.

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How Long Do I Have In UCAT SJT Questions?

27 minutes (with 1 minute of instructions not included within this time) to answer 69 questions in the UKCAT situational judgement test.

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