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Application Guide 2023: 


UCAT Score Calculator 2023 for 2024 entry

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Medicine Admissions Expert


How to calculate your UCAT Score during your UKCAT Practice. [Scroll down for our UCAT Conversion Table and UCAT Score Converter].

For our Ultimate UCAT Scores & Scoring Guide 2023 please click here. 

For our UCAT Cut-offs for Medical & Dental Schools 2023 please click here

The Offical UCAT 2023 Scores and Deciles have now been released. Click here to access them.

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UCAT Score Calculator

There is a great UKCAT score calculator which has been released by the official UCAT website.

You can find it here: Official UCAT Score Calculator (near the bottom of the page). 

This contains a UCAT score percentile calculator.

It shows you the percentile of your score and is updated for the 2021 exam (last year's data).

How To Calculate UCAT Score?

If you are practising questions and have a raw UCAT score you would like to convert, it can be really difficult to calculate your score, as every resource has varying degrees of difficulty with the questions.

The higher your calculated percentage score, the higher your proportionate score between 300 - 900.

Generally, for UCAT score conversion, we would recommend not worrying about trying to work out your score, and instead concentrating on trying to wuccork out techniques to speed up and become more accurate in that particular subsection.

Drop us a message in the chat below so that we can help you boost your grade even further.


Struggling with your UCAT?

Struggling with your UCAT? Finding it hard to finish VR or AR? Finding that your scores are not improving on mocks, and worried you don't have enough time before your exam? 

Contact our expert team of UCAT Tutors to book in 1-1 tutoring sessions to help boost your score. 

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