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UCAT Score Calculator


UKCAT Score Calculator

There is a great UKCAT score calculator which has been released by the official UCAT website. 

You can find it here: Official UCAT Score Calculator

It shows you the percentile of your score and is updated for the 2020 exam (last year's data). 


How To Calculate UCAT Score?

It can be really difficult to calculate your score, as every resource has varying degrees of difficulty of the questions. 

The higher your calculated percentage score, the higher your proportionate score between 300 - 900. 

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UCAT SJT Band Calculator

It is difficult to calculate your UCAT SJT Band based upon your raw marks. 

Roughly speaking we would expect a score of 80% to receive a band 1, 65% band 2, 50% band 3 and anything below that a band 4. Remember that some questions have answers which can score half marks - this makes marking your own test a little more difficult!