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Medicine at University of Plymouth Medical School

Overview of Plymouth Medical School


Plymouth’s medical school operates in clinical locations across the South West, including Derrifrod and Torbay Hospitals. Applicants compete for a relatively small number of places, around 86 per year. Plymouth University School of Medicine and Dentistry puts patient experience and student satisfaction at the heart of its approach to teaching. The medical degree programme is hands-on and forward-thinking and gives Plymouth students the knowledge, skills and confidence to become an outstanding doctor primed for tomorrow’s healthcare needs.


Plymouth University Medicine Course Structure

Plymouth Uni Medical School Course Structure: 5 years Integrated at Plymouth university Peninsula medical school, with the first 2 years focusing on scientific foundations of medicine within a clinical context. The curriculum is structured around the human life cycle. 

Year 1 

In the first two years, you’ll learn the core scientific foundations of medicine within a clinical context. 

Year 2 

In the second year, you’ll revisit the human life cycle and do a series of placements in a single general practice, enabling you to learn about long-term health issues and see teamwork in action. 

Year 3 

In your third and fourth years, you’ll learn more about clinical practice and spend more time in a patient-centred learning environment. 

Year 4 

You’ll continue working and learning in hospital and general practice settings, further developing your communication, clinical, problem-solving and analytical skills. 

Final year 

You’ll now be all set to apply the knowledge, skills and confidence you’ve acquired over the first four years by working ‘on the job’, as part of a healthcare team in action, based in either Derriford or Torbay hospital.

Plymouth Medical School Entry Requirements


Minimum of 7 GCSE passes at grades A-C which must include English Language, Mathematics and either GCSE double award science or two from single award Chemistry, Biology, or physics.

A Levels

A*AA - AAA. 

Must include Biology and one of Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Psychology


36-38 points, including a 6 in Biology and one other science from Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Psychology at the higher level.

Scottish Higher

The typical offer to applicants studying Scottish qualifications are grades of AAA at Advanced Higher level, including Biology and one other science from Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Psychology.

Scottish Advanced



Plymouth University Medicine Admissions Tests



How Does Plymouth Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Plymouth usually has a minimum UCAT cutoff of 2400. 

SJT - not specified.




Required for graduate entry


Course Information

Graduate Entry




Intercalated Degrees at Plymouth are offered.


Work Experience for Plymouth Medical School

Plymouth do not ask for any work experience. Once at the interview stage, however, they state that applicants may find some form of experience useful to draw upon when answering questions. but they do not make any specific requirements.


Personal Statement for Plymouth University Medicine

PMS will use the Personal Statement as an indicator of your motivation, commitment and enthusiasm to study medicine. But it is not scored.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?



An exciting new course offering an alternative entry route into medicine for able students whose education has been impacted by adversity. 

Using a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach, this course begins the journey towards the development of the academic, personal and professional skills needed for a career in medicine.



  • GCSE - At least five GCSE passes (grades A–C/4–9) to include Maths, English Language and either Biology and Chemistry or Double Award Science. 

  • A level - BBB to include Biology and at least one other science from Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Maths.

  • Scottish Qualifications Authority - Advanced Higher grades BBB to include Biology and one other science from Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Maths.

  • IB - IB Diploma score – 28–32 minimum including 5 at higher level in Biology and one other science from Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Maths.

  • UCAT - Not Required

We aim to build a picture of the circumstances that may have adversely affected an applicant’s education and academic potential. When assessing an application we will consider a range of educational, social, family, and individual characteristics and experiences. Applications for this course will therefore only be considered if the contextual entry requirements are met alongside the academic criteria.


Plymouth University Medicine Interview


- Number of stations: 7 

- Length of whole interview: 50minutes


Plymouth Medical School Interview Dates from December


The interview is structured and aims to assess a candidate’s characteristics suited to medicine: - 

  • Integrity/Probity

  • Awareness of self and one’s limitations

  • Veracity/honesty

  • Motivation/commitment

  • Pro social attitudes e.g. non-judgmental, empathetic

  • Communication and listening skills

  • Insight into profession

  • Ability to be a team player

  • Deals with stress appropriately

  • Resilience

  • Problem solving skills

  • Potential for leadership


Contact Details

Peninsula Medical School
The John Bull Building
Tamar Science Park
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Tel:  01752 437444