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Medicine at University of Newcastle Medical School & Interview Questions 2024

Overview of Newcastle Medical School


Newcastle University is a prestigious world-leading university, dedicated to leading the way in innovation, creativity, and excellence. It seeks to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges, to pioneer new ways of thinking, and to provide students with the high-quality learning experience they need to start changing the world. Its campus is at the heart of a lively and cosmopolitan student city, famous for its arts and culture, sport, shopping and nightlife. The The Newscastle medsoc is one of the biggest in the country and organises many events throughout the year. 


Newcastle Medicine Course Structure

The Newcastle University Medicine programme uses a modern and innovative integrated case-led teaching approach, and you'll be taught in a vibrant learning environment. Medicine at Newcastle University provide case-led teaching, which means using clinical cases to help you make the links between your new knowledge and clinical practice. Years 1 and 2 In Years 1 and 2 you'll study key subject areas including medical sciences, clinical skills, ethics and professionalism. You'll cover a series of twenty-four clinical cases to put your learning into context and provide you with the essentials of medical practice. Years 3 to 5 In years 3 to 5 you'll gain clinical experience through placements in Newcastle’s clinical base units across the region. You'll undergo a series of rotations, clerkships, assistantships and placements that cover all relevant areas of medicine and surgery.

Newcastle Medical School Entry Requirements


Not used if academic criteria for A Levels are met

A Levels


Excluding Use of Mathematics, World Development, Communication and Culture. 

For Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels, we require a pass in the practical element.

Resits are acceptable if the score increases


36 points 

No subject graded less than 5. No requirement for science subjects.

Scottish Higher

- AAAAA at Higher Grade 

- Scottish qualifications can be taken in more than one sitting.

Scottish Advanced

AA at Advanced Higher Grade.


Newcastle Medical School Admission Tests



How Does Newcastle Medical School Look At The UCAT?

A100 Newcastle Medicine Selection Process 2024 (2025 Entry) - NEW PROCESS

Newcastle's medicine selection process has changed in 2024 for all 2025 entry applicants. This is a summary of their process. Generally speaking there is a greater weighting to GCSE grades now. 

Step 1: Academic screening (Score / 100)

  • All applicants are screened to see if their predicted or actual grades meet the minimum entry requirements. Those who don't meet the requirements are not considered further.

  • Applicants are scored out of 100 based on their Achieved Grades and UCAT results.

Either GCSE  (/40) or Achieved A-Levels (/40) or Achieved Degree grades (/40) will be considered

Step 1a) GCSE Grades (Score / 40)

Best 8 GCSEs including: English language, English literature, mathematics, and science subjects

  • Grade 9 = 5 points

  • Grade 8 = 4 points

  • Grade 7 = 3points

  • Grade 6 = 1 points

  • Grade 5 = 0 points

or Step 1b) A-Level Grades (Score / 40)

A-Levels including Maths and Science subjects will be considered. Please note maximum 40 points even if you exceed this. 

  • A* = 16 points

  • A = 8 points

  • B = 8 points

or Step 1c) Degree Grades (Score / 40)

  • 1:1/1st Class Degree = 40 points

  • 2:1 = 40 points

Step 2: UCAT Score (Score / 60 points)

  • Up to 60 points are awarded for the UCAT result on a sliding scale. 

  • SJT Band 4 = Rejection

UCAT Score (rough idea of scoring points) - see here for more accurate scoring

  • 3200 - 3600 = 60 points

  • 3134 = 55 points

  • 3067 = 50 points

  • 3001 = 45 points

  • 2934 = 40 points

  • 2868 = 35 points

  • 2801 = 30 points

  • 2735 = 25 points

  • 2668 = 21 points

  • 2535 = 11 points

  • 2419 = 2 points

Step 2: Interview

  • Approximately 1000 students are interviewed each year.

  • Interviews take place on campus between December and February.

  • The MMI format is used, with seven stations assessing different competencies.

  • Each station lasts 7 minutes, and one station involves a roleplay scenario.

Step 3: Offer

  • After interviews, all applications are reviewed and offers are made.

  • Both the academic screening score and the interview performance are considered equally.

  • Personal statements and references are checked at this point.

  • Successful applicants must meet the conditions of their offer.

The video also mentions that the entry requirements are three A's at A-level, but science subjects are not required. Applicants who are eligible for the contextual

Newcastle Medical School UCAT Cut Off 2023 for 2024 Entry (note this may not be relevant for 2025 entry onwards)

Applicants who meet the academic threshold are ranked based on their UCAT scores. A UCAT threshold is set depending on the number of interviews to be held. Applicants who meet the UCAT threshold will be invited to an interview. The UCAT threshold may differ from year to year as it is dependent on the scores achieved by those who apply to us in each admissions cycle.

Invitation to interview will be based on the ranking of applicants’ UCAT scores.

👉🏼 LOWEST UCAT Score INVITED TO INTERVIEW (ie Newcastle UCAT Cut Off Score/Interview Threshold)

  • 2023 Entry: 2820 (Home), 2600 (International), 2700 (PARTNERS)

  • 2022 Entry: 2800 (Home), 2870 (International), 2710 (Partners)

  • 2021 Entry: 2820, 2720 (Partners)

  • 2020 Entry: 2730, 2620 (Partners)

  • 2019 Entry: 2720, 2550 (Partners)

  • 2018 Entry: 2580

👉🏼 AVERAGE UCAT Score of applicants INVITED TO INTERVIEW at Newcastle:

  • 2022 entry: 2952

🚩 SJT Band 4 = rejection.





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Course Information

Graduate Entry

Newcastle Graduate Medicine / accelerated program
- Length: 4 Years
- Type: Full Time
- The accelerated medicine and surgery programme enables you to complete the syllabus of years 1 and 2 of our five-year programme in one extended academic year (45 weeks).
- This course will prepare you to work as a doctor anywhere in the world, in both the clinical and academic arena.



Yes - offered.

Applications : Place

Application Statistics (Home)

Application Statistics (International)



Applications : Interview



International Student Tuition Fee

The international student fee per year is £42200


Work Experience at Newcastle Medical School

Newcastle places an emphasis on applicants being able to show a commitment to caring which can be accomplished in a number of ways other than in a hospital or general practice setting, such as volunteering in an elderly care home, hospice, nursery or helping someone less fortunate. The medical school is also interested in individuals who have shown commitment to working as part of a team over a prolonged period of time in any area, including voluntary, sports, other extra-curricular activities.


Personal Statement for Newcastle Medicine