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Overview of Newcastle Medical School


Newcastle University is a prestigious world-leading university, dedicated to leading the way in innovation, creativity, and excellence. It seeks to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges, to pioneer new ways of thinking, and to provide students with the high-quality learning experience they need to start changing the world. Its campus is at the heart of a lively and cosmopolitan student city, famous for its arts and culture, sport, shopping and nightlife.


Newcastle Medicine Course Structure

The Newcastle University Medicine programme uses a modern and innovative integrated case-led teaching approach, and you'll be taught in a vibrant learning environment. Medicine at Newcastle University provide case-led teaching, which means using clinical cases to help you make the links between your new knowledge and clinical practice. Years 1 and 2 In Years 1 and 2 you'll study key subject areas including medical sciences, clinical skills, ethics and professionalism. You'll cover a series of twenty-four clinical cases to put your learning into context and provide you with the essentials of medical practice. Years 3 to 5 In years 3 to 5 you'll gain clinical experience through placements in Newcastle’s clinical base units across the region. You'll undergo a series of rotations, clerkships, assistantships and placements that cover all relevant areas of medicine and surgery.

Newcastle Medical School Entry Requirements


Not used if academic criteria for A Levels are met

A Levels


Resits acceptable if score increases


A minimum of 38 points including minimum of grade 5 in all subjects.

Scottish Higher

- AAAAA at Higher Grade 

- Scottish qualifications can be taken in more than one sitting.

Scottish Advanced

AA at Advanced Higher Grade.


Newcastle Medical School Admission Tests



How Does Newcastle Medical School Look At The UCAT?


There is a changing Newcastle UCAT threshold every year. 2020 entry: 2730 cutoff.






Course Information

Graduate Entry

Newcastle Graduate Medicine / accelerated program
- Length: 4 Years
- Type: Full Time
- The accelerated medicine and surgery programme enables you to complete the syllabus of years 1 and 2 of our five-year programme in one extended academic year (45 weeks).
- This course will prepare you to work as a doctor anywhere in the world, in both the clinical and academic arena.



Yes - offered.


Work Experience at Newcastle Medical School

At Newcastle, emphasis is on applicants being able to show a commitment to caring. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, for example. - volunteering in an elderly care home - volunteering in a hospice - volunteering in a nursery - helping someone less fortunate


Personal Statement for Newcastle Medicine

Read prior to offers being made, but is not assessed or scored.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?





University of Newcastle Medicine Interview


Length: 1 hour


Newcastle University Medicine Interview Dates: December to February


  • Integrity (honesty and probity)

  • Communication

  • Empathy and Self

  • Awareness

  • Motivation and commitment to being a doctor

  • Compatibility with the Medicine programme

  • Organisation

  • Persistence and resilience


Contact Details

Administrator for Admissions
Faculty Undergraduate Office
Medical School
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel:  0191 222 7005


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