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Medicine at University of Cardiff Medical School & Interview Questions 2024

Overview of Cardiff Medical School


Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its largest city. It has a distinctive character with an excellent quality of life and an international reputation. Cardiff University is the only university in Wales to offer a Medicine course. Cardiff have 31,935 students enrolled, representing over 100 countries. - 23,480 undergraduates - 8,455 postgraduates - 9,195 international students (non-UK EU included) - 83% overall satisfaction in National Student Survey 2018 - 1,000 students volunteer in the local community each year.


Course Structure for Cardiff University Medicine

Your course is divided into three distinct phases. - During Phase 1 (Years 1 and 2) you will learn the core science and clinical practice. - Phase 2 (Years 3 and 4) you learn to care by integrated contemporary clinical experience - Phase 3 you will be learning from and at work, consolidating your preparation for practice. By Year 5 you will be ready to take a more active role within clinical teams. The emphasis is on consolidating knowledge and skills to prepare you for work as a doctor in the NHS, ensuring your smooth transition from student to Foundation Doctor

Cardiff Medicine Entry Requirements


Grade 6/B GCSE (or equivalent qualification) in Mathematics, English Language, and Double Award Science (6,6 or B/B) or Chemistry and Biology.

Average GCSEs for a successful student at Cardiff Medical School is 9A*

See how GCSEs are scored below in the UCAT Section

A Levels

AAA at A-Level which must include Chemistry & Biology


36 points 

IB Diploma with a minimum overall score of 36 and 7,6,6 in 3 Higher level subjects. Must include grade 6 in HL Biology or Chemistry AND grade 6 in one other HL science from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics. Must also include grade 7 in SL Biology or Chemistry if not taken at HL. 

All offers exclude Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

Scottish Higher


Scottish Advanced


Degree (Graduates)

All graduates would need to take the GAMSAT and the UCAT before applying as these are one of the Cardiff Medical School Requirements for graduates


Cardiff Medical School Admission Tests



under-represented groups among medical students."

How Does Cardiff Medical School Look At The UCAT?

Cardiff UCAT Cut Off 2024 for 2025 Entry

There is no Cardiff UCAT cut-off score. There is no minimum UCAT or GAMSAT threshold score that applicants must achieve. The UCAT and GAMSAT may be used as part of our selection process.

We prioritise attained academic qualifications, Level 2, (and Level 3, if offered) but we will use a UCAT tariff if we are oversubscribed with applicants with exceptional academic scores to help select which applicants to interview. Use (or not) of the UCAT can only be determined each year after we have assessed the academic scores of all the applicants. We always aim to interview as many well-qualified applicants as possible.

👉🏼 GCSE Point Scoring at Cardiff Medical School (2022 Entry)

  • The top 9 GCSEs are scored (must include Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry)

  • A*/8/9 = 3 points

  • A/7 = 2 points

  • B/6 = 1 point

👉🏼 LOWEST GCSE Points Needed FOR AN INTERVIEW at Cardiff Medical School (2022 Entry)

  • 2022 Entry = 27 points

👉🏼 LOWEST UCAT Score INVITED TO INTERVIEW at Cardiff (ie Cardiff UCAT Cut Off): (use with caution)

  • 2023 entry: 1980

  • 2022 entry: 2010

  • 2021 entry: 2100


  • 2023 entry: 2733

  • 2022 entry: 2729

  • 2021 entry: 2588

  • 2020 entry: 2581

👉🏼  LOWEST UCAT score GIVEN AN OFFER at Cardiff:

  • 2023 entry: 2180

  • 2022 entry: 2210

  • 2021 entry: 2120

👉🏼 AVERAGE UCAT score GIVEN AN OFFER at Cardiff:

  • 2023 entry: 2802

  • 2022 entry: 2745

  • 2021 entry: 2618

  • 2020 entry: 2604

NB: re Welsh Students & Contextual Students:

"Welsh-domiciled applicants, along with contextualised applicants (as detailed in our Admissions Policy) are provided with additional consideration during the initial selection process, as these are

👉🏼 Latest UCAT Cut Off Scores Per Medical School (Updated for 2024 Entry)

👉🏼 Where to apply with a low UCAT score in 2024 (2025 Entry)




Yes for graduate entry

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Course Information

Graduate Entry

Cardiff Medical School Requirements for graduates:

All graduates would need to take the GAMSAT and the UCAT before applying.



Cardiff Medicine University offers a number of intercalated degree opportunities in health related disciplines. This intercalated degree provides students with interest in a research or academic career the chance to pursue an area of medicine in depth and further develop their research skills.

Applications : Place

Application Statistics (Home)

Application Statistics (International)



Applications : Interview



International Student Tuition Fee

The international student fee per year is £43700


Work Experience for Cardiff Medicine

Successful year 12 applicants have the opportunity to participate in laboratory-based work experience and will be given an extended taste of the research environment within the School of Medicine.


Personal Statement for Cardiff University Medicine

Your personal statement is one of the many factors in the overall assessment of your application. We are looking particularly for evidence of appropriate commitment to, and realistic appreciation of, the academic, physical and emotional demands of a medicine degree programme and career.

Evidence is sought for insight into a career in medicine, experience and reflection of personal responsibility, experience and reflection in a caring environment, a balanced approach to life, self-directed learning and a sense of social awareness, in addition to positive referee's comments.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?



Gateway to Medicine

Cardiff offers Medicine with a preliminary year (MBBCh). This course is appropriate for students who have been unable to meet the requirements for entry into the five year course, for example if you have demonstrated high academic potential, but have taken non-science subjects or no more than one of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.