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Do You Take BMAT In Year 12 or 13


Which Year Do You Take The BMAT?

The BMAT is taken in the first November of Year 13 - this year it is November 3rd 2021. 

As such, preparation for the BMAT should only really begin once you start year 13 - any time before and you should have spent more time doing section 2 revision. 

The BMAT Test is taken in the first term of year 13. The BMAT registration takes place within this term. The test is usually scheduled in the first week of November - with the date changing each year. 

Your BMAT results are released online about one month later. Therefore, you must apply to your universities BEFORE you have sat or even know the results of the BMAT. 


When Is It Best To Sit The BMAT?

Remember in 2021 - there is only one sitting - 3rd November.

The following information is pertinent for all other years where there are two sittings - traditionally in September and November. 

Ultimately, this is your choice – but remember you can only take the test once in the application cycle!

However, it’s worth noting that whereas before you could only sit the exam after submitting your UCAS application, the test session in September means you can now find out your BMAT score before applying to medical school. This means you can apply strategically with both your UCAT and BMAT scores in hand.

In addition, don’t forget that if you’re applying to Oxford you will need to sit the exam in November- even if you’re applying to other medical schools accepting September results.

When you decide to take the test will depend on a variety of factors – for example, how much time you will have over the summer for UCAT preparation, work experience, extracurriculars and other commitments.

For BMAT September, you will need to register yourself. For BMAT November, your school/college will need to register you.

BMAT Dates - September vs November

Whilst currently it is only possible to sit the exam in November - previously there was a big debate o