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Best BMAT Resources


What Are The Best BMAT Resources?


BMAT Ninja

The BMAT Ninja is a good resource that you can use to help answers from past papers that are grouped in themes across all the past papers. This can be good if you are finding a particular topic tricky - however, we would advocate doing these past papers as a whole first, to ensure that you are replicating the exam conditions as best as possible. 

Medify BMAT

Medify has a wide selection of BMAT questions. While some of them are of questionable quality, overall this is an excellent resource to help you develop your confidence in answering BMAT medify questions. 


Kaplan BMAT

The Kaplan BMAT book and its accompanying Kaplan BMAT strategy book is an excellent book to help provide an overview of the BMAT before starting, before exploring each section in more details, with questions of the highest standard, they also run Kaplan BMAT courses throughout the year.&nbs