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Dentistry at University of Newcastle Dental School (A200 BDS)

Overview of Newcastle Dental School


This degree is professionally accredited by the General Dental Council. It entitles graduates to practice anywhere in the UK and in many other countries.

At Newcastle, our work has a worldwide impact. You'll be taught by some of the top academics and internationally renowned experts in their field.

You'll study and practice in world-class facilities including our hi-tech Clinical Simulation Unit. You'll also attend lectures and clinics in purpose-built facilities at one of the largest integrated teaching and hospital complexes in the country.


Newcastle University Dentistry Course Structure

You will see patients in clinics in the Dental Hospital while shadowing a senior student.

Towards the end of Year 2, you'll start learning procedures such as simple fillings and root treatments, using phantom heads with natural teeth, in preparation for taking responsibility for your own patients early in Year 3.

In Year 3, courses in pathology and microbiology will give you an initial grounding in disease processes. You'll also have lectures and further practical courses in areas such as: radiology; preventive dentistry and public health; periodontology; crown and bridgework; advanced endodontics; gerodontology; and oral medicine.

In years 4 and 5 you'll be exposed to advanced techniques such as orthodontics, dental implants, and intravenous sedation. Your clinical commitments will occupy much of your time, especially in the later years, but the teaching of important theoretical aspects of dentistry continues.

Newcastle Dental School Entry Requirements


GCSEs or equivalent qualifications are reviewed as part of the initial application process.

A Levels

AAA at A level including Chemistry and Biology (including a pass in the science practical components). Contextual offers (e.g. PARTNERS) are typically BBB at A-Level or equivalent, subject to attending a summer school.


A minimum of 37 points with Chemistry and Biology at Grade 6 or above at Higher level.

Scottish Higher

AAAAA at Highers normally including Biology and Chemistry. Two Advanced Highers also normally required (minimum A/B) to include Biology and/or Chemistry. If only one out of Biology and Chemistry is offered at Advanced Higher, a grade A is required in that science.

Scottish Advanced


Newcastle University Dentistry Admission Tests


UCAT at the University of Newcastle Dental School (BDS)

There is a UCAT cut-off score at Newcastle University Dental School, which is considered with the academics holistically.

👉🏼 LOWEST UCAT score INVITED to interview (cut-off) - UCAT Cut-off scores for BDS Dentistry at Newcastle [non-WP]:

  • 2023 Entry - 2790

  • 2022 Entry - 2690

  • 2021 Entry - 2740

  • 2020 Entry - 2560

  • 2019 Entry – 2548

  • 2018 Entry – 2568

  • 2017 Entry – 2573

👉🏼 AVERAGE UCAT score INVITED to Interview at Newcastle Dentistry BDS [non-WP]:

  • 2023 Entry: 2914

  • 2022 Entry: 2844

  • 2021 Entry: 2691

  • 2020 Entry: 2495 

🏆 Other important notes in their selection

  • SJT is not looked at at all (2022 Entry)

  • GCSEs not looked at all in the process

✅ Newcastle BDS Admission Statistics

  • 2023 Entry: 803 Applications, 231 Interviews, 126 Offers

  • 2022 Entry: 843 applications, 267 Interviews, 104 Offers

  • 2021 Entry: 837 applications, 202 Interviews, 95 Offers

  • 2020 Entry: 748 applications, 272 Interviews, 129 Offers

  • 2019 Entry: 703 applications, 146 Offers

71 places on the dental course






Course Information

Graduate Entry





Newcastle Dental School Work Experience

Some experience of public-facing work is expected, in a paid or voluntary capacity. We also expect candidates to have taken steps to find out about a career in dentistry. This could be through a range of methods and we do not expect all candidates to have secured specific dental work experience.


Newcastle University Dentistry UK Personal Statement

Yes The personal statement is considered as part of the overall admissions process.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?



Through our PARTNERS programme, you could receive an offer up to three grades lower than the typical requirements, and get support throughout the application process. To apply through PARTNERS, you must be based in the UK and meet our eligibility criteria. There are also other schemes through which reduced offers may be available. See website for details.



Newcastle University Dentistry Interview Questions 2024

Key Details

A panel interview with two academic and/or clinical members of staff.

Important Dates

January to March

Key Topics

  • Commitment to Dentistry

  • Work experience

  • Problem solving

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