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Overview of University of Bristol Dental School


The Bristol Dental School has evolved a strong interdisciplinary research culture with productive interfacing of clinical dentistry and basic scientific research. The research laboratories are all in near proximity to clinical facilities (patient clinics, PCU, and clinical trials) thus promoting synergy between basic and clinical sciences research.


Bristol University Dentistry Course Structure

This five-year degree comprises clinical activity with integrated scientific and technical teaching. With a strong core of clinical work throughout, theory, science, clinical skills, personal and professional development, and teamwork are integrated at the relevant levels.

Year one introduces the clinical environment through peer group activities and observations. Clinical skills training and patient contact commence early in year two.

Later in the Bristol Uni Dentistry program you can choose to intercalate in a science subject to obtain an Honours BA or BSc. There is the opportunity to undertake community work in the UK or abroad during your elective in year four.

You will begin your dental practice in the Bristol Dental Hospital before extending your practice to community teaching clinics in the city. Here you will treat patients with a wide variety of dental diseases in a primary care setting in preparation for dental practice beyond graduation.

Bristol Dentistry Entry Requirements


7 or A in GCSE Mathematics or equivalent. 4 or C in GCSE English or equivalent

A Levels

A-level: AAA including Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics.


36 points overall with 18 at Higher Level, including 6, 6 at Higher Level in Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics (either Analysis and Approaches or Applications and Interpretations).

Scottish Higher

Scottish Advanced

AA in Chemistry and either Biology, Physics or Mathematics, and Standard Higher: AAAAB.


University of Bristol Dentistry Admission Tests








Course Information

Graduate Entry





Bristol University Dental School Work Experience

While not a requirement for the course, the university would suggest that applicants have a minimum of two weeks work experience. We recognise that not all applicants are able to obtain clinical work experience, but encourage applicants to seek out opportunities to work with the public in a customer service role, or volunteering in a care or health environment (nursing home, local hospice, shelter for the homeless, working with people with disabilities or special needs, or youth group). 

The universtity is aware that many applicants will have been unable to undertake work experience during the coronavirus crisis. Please be assured that the university will be taking the situation into account and you will not be penalised should your ability to gain relevant work experience have been adversely affected. Bristol University encourages applicants to seek opportunities to develop their awareness of the role of a medical practitioner, and the skills and attributes required of such roles through means such as online research, supporting their families and communities, etc.


Bristol University Dentistry Personal Statement

The university will not be using the personal statement within our selection criteria for the 2022 admissions cycle.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?






A levels/Scottish Highers A-levels: BBC including B in Biology or Chemistry. Applicants with predicted or achieved grades of AAB or above, or with A in Chemistry, are not eligible for this course. SQA: Advanced Higher: BB including Biology or Chemistry, and Standard Level: BBBBC. Applicants with achieved or predicted Advanced Higher grades of AA, or with Chemistry at an A grade, are not eligible for this course. 

GCSEs/Scottish Nationals 4 (C) in GCSE Maths or equivalent (Standard numeracy requirement) and 4 (C) in GCSE English or equivalent (Standard literacy requirement). 

International Baccalaureate 29 points overall, including 5 at Higher Level in Biology or Chemistry. Applicants with predicted or achieved grades of 33 points overall including 16 at Higher Level, or with 6 at Higher Level in Chemistry, are not eligible for this course. 

BTEC offer DMM in Applied Sciences, Medical Sciences or Health and Social Care (Science pathway). Applicants who are taking BTECs plus A-level Chemistry are not eligible for this course. 


Bristol Dental School Interview



7 stations


December to February


  • Motivation for Dentistry

  • Manual Dexterity

  • Role Play

  • Dental technology advancements

  • Data interpretation

  • Matchbox task: In advance of your interview, we would like you to prepare a matchbox of maximum dimensions 12 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Please demonstrate your manual dexterity by personalising your matchbox and place five things inside that you would bring with you to the University if you were to join us in the autumn. Be prepared to discuss the relevance of these items and your personalisation choices with your assessors at the interview. This will be your way of letting your assessors get to know you, therefore these items are not expected to be dental-related. If for any reason you are attending this interview at a location other than your home (eg to access reliable Wi-Fi), please do not put any items of value (monetary or sentimental) in the matchbox, in case these are lost or damaged.

  • 'Tell me How' task: One of your interview questions will ask you to give instructions on how to do a task of your choice. You can prepare this answer in advance. The task needs to be something simple that you can explain verbally within five minutes, without any props. When giving your instructions, please assume that the assessors have little or no knowledge of how to do your chosen task (for example, how to do the laundry, how to make a sandwich or other simple food dish, etc). As the task is your own choice, you should not discuss this with other interview candidates (to avoid overlap of answers). You may practice with family members if you wish.


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