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Overview of Aberdeen University Dentistry


The Institute of Dentistry is conveniently located on the Foresterhill Health Campus in Aberdeen. The University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry UK campus is jointly owned by NHS Grampian and the University of Aberdeen is one of the largest clinical sites in Europe with superb teaching and extensive research facilities.  Dental students are part of a wider community of students who study on the Foresterhill site, including Medical and Science students; undergraduates and postgraduates. There are excellent student support systems and access to other shared facilities such as the library and Suttie Centre for Teaching and Learning in Healthcare.

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen school of medicine and dentistry universities is rooted within the midst of a lively and vibrant city that has an excellent social scene and night life, superb sporting opportunities and cultural interest.  The city and university offers a ‘home from home’ with a strong and supportive community.  Many people come here, like it here, and build their careers here.


Aberdeen Dental School Course Structure

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree is a five year programme in the UK for undergraduate entry. Aberdeen runs a graduate entry pathway which allows for direct entry into year 2 and the programme is then completed in four years.

Graduate Entry Dentistry Aberdeen has only 20 places available each year, applicants to Aberdeen must demonstrate that their prior formal qualifications have covered relevant biomedical subjects.

Within the Aberdeen Graduate Entry Dentistry programme students undertake both academic study and practical patient care. Patient care is introduced early and under close supervision from experienced clinicians. 100% of graduates have gone on to find employment after graduation.

Aberdeen Dentistry Entry Requirements



A Levels




Scottish Higher


Scottish Advanced



Aberdeen University Dentistry Admission Tests



Candidates' UCAT scores are considered in the selection for an interview but are not the sole indicator for selection. They are considered alongside actual and predicted academic achievement in deciding who will be selected for interview. 

A minimum UCAT cut-off score is NOT used. A score is allocated based on the applicant's overall performance in UCAT compared with all other applicants to Aberdeen (Academic - 60%, UCAT - 40%).






Course Information

Graduate Entry





University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry Work Experience

Work experience is used in selection for interview and is assessed as part of multiple mini-interviews.


Personal Statement

Yes, the personal statement is used in selection for interview.

  • The university wants to know all about yourself, why you want to study dentistry; your hopes for your career and a summary of the points discussed above.

  • Rather than just list all the work experience that has been undertaken, it is more revealing if you can inform the university of what you have now learned about a dental career and its implications.

  • If you have had difficulty in undertaking research, then you should inform Aberdeen University of these difficulties and concentrate on researching your careers in other ways.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?








Aberdeen Dental School Interview



Each station lasts 7 minutes.

Total length of the whole MMI: 90minutes


Between November and March


  • Discuss their preparation for entry to Dentistry, eg Research into undergraduate curricula and postgraduate training
    Research then understanding of the implications of a dental career
    Experience of caring or other environments

  • Consider a new situation and discuss their thoughts

  • Outline any learning points from previous experiences

  • Reflect upon their own and others' skills and abilities

  • Consider their potential contribution to the care of others

How will answers be scored?

The candidate will be scored in several areas including:

  • Ability to express ideas freely and coherently

  • How well they use their existing knowledge to formulate answers to unknown areas

  • Their ability to follow a reasoned argument and to formulate an opinion

  • The degree to which they are prepared for questions

  • Their ability to discuss different aspects (advantages & disadvantages) of a problem / situation

  • The degree of motivation, commitment, reflection and sensitivity demonstrated

  • Their insight into working with others


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