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Overview of Liverpool Dental School


The University of Liverpool School of Dentistry offers a unique research-connected learning environment that is primarily focused on developing each individual so that they can each realise their personal potential as well as qualify as a professional capable of providing compassionate, evidence-based, holistic dental care to patients. 

Students from different dental disciplines have the opportunity to work side-by-side and develop their skills in state-of-the-art simulation suites at Liverpool Dental Hospital. Student growth is supported by our world-leading learning technology systems that provide personalised developmental progress information so that learning needs can be tailored by the individual. This personalised and supportive approach enables our students to have early access to patients, in their first year, so that developing skills can be authentically consolidated and integrated in the real-world situation.


Liverpool University Dental Hospital Course Structure

This innovative programme at Liverpool Dental Hospital has been specifically designed to facilitate the development of real-world clinical, team working, and leadership skills, along with essential personal growth. The BDS program embraces the University’s hallmarks of active learning, confidence, authentic assessment, and research-connected teaching, as well as having many notable and unique design elements.

The program shares a three year Collaborative Learning Core (CLC) with dental therapy students, where learning and collaborating in teams build mutual respect and understanding of the varied roles of the dental team. The remaining two years of the programme will prepare you to undertake the scope of practice of a Dentist.

Liverpool Dentistry Entry Requirements


A minimum of 8 GCSEs to include at least five subjects at grade A/grade 7 and three at grade B/grade 6. Grade B/grade 6 or above should be achieved in English Language, Maths and Science. Vocational/Applied GCSEs are not accepted. Two short courses will be counted in lieu of one full course

A Levels

AAA in 3 A levels taken at one sitting, after two years of study. Biology and Chemistry are essential and the third subject may be from the Arts or Sciences. General Studies, Critical Thinking and Vocational/Applied A levels are not accepted. For Science A levels that include the separately graded practical endorsement, a Pass is required.


A total of 36 points including at least 6 in Higher level Chemistry and Biology taken in one sitting, after two years of study.

Scottish Higher

AAAAA at Higher level and AAA at Advanced Higher-level including Chemistry and Biology.

Scottish Advanced



Liverpool University Dentistry Admission Tests








Course Information

Graduate Entry





University of Liverpool Dentistry Work Experience

It is desirable on all dental programmes that candidates have completed a period of work experience/shadowing in a local dental practice or hospital and preferably in more than one establishment. Applicants which have not been able to obtain any work experience should contact the dental school before applying.


Liverpool Dental School Personal Statement

The personal statement is assessed to ensure that the applicant has knowledge of and insight into the profession with emphasis on work experience/observation.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?





Liverpool University Dentistry Interview



12 stations

Each 5 minutes long


January to March


  • Commitment to Dentistry

  • Suitability for the course

  • NHS values and news

  • Personal skills and qualities

  • Ethics

  • Personal statement

  • Knowledge


Contact Details

School of Dentistry
University of Liverpool
Pembroke Place
L3 5PS
Tel:   0151 794 2000


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