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Overview of Dundee Dental School


The curriculum at Dundee Dental School allows students to learn in an interactive and creative way in a supportive environment. You will have the unique experience of working with Thiel cadavers (A method of embalming that preserves cadavers with life-like flexibility and tissue quality). 

Early Clinical Experience from the first semester onwards allows students to have a greater understanding of the communication and technical skills required in a clinical environment.


University of Dundee Dentistry Course Structure

Students will begin to develop clinical skills in year two with introductory skills courses in periodontology and the management of dental caries. 

Students will learn a range of basic clinical skills with the commencement of the Clinical Skills course at the end of year two will prepare students for the clinical phase of the BDS programme. These skills will be assessed in a degree examination to ensure students are ready to provide dental care for patients in year three.

From year three onwards, clinical attachments will commence with students providing clinical care for patients in various dental disciplines within the Dental Hospital; a large proportion of the timetable is dedicated to these clinical sessions supported by theoretical teaching.

In year four, additional dental disciplines such as orthodontics, oral medicine and treatment of dentally-anxious patients will be undertaken, supported by advanced clinical skills courses.

In year five, emphasis is placed on whole-patient care. Students will have timetabled sessions in the Integrated Oral Care clinic within the Dental Hospital, providing total dental care for patients. Clinical attachments at a range of specialist consultant clinics will also be undertaken. Much time will be spent in both local outreach clinics and in week-long attachments at outreach centres in Aberdeen and Inverness.

Dundee University Dentistry Entry Requirements


Biology and Chemistry at A/7 and English, Mathematics and one other subject at B/6.

Scottish National 5s: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and one other subject.

A Levels

AAA including Biology and Chemistry. In addition, GCSE Biology and Chemistry at A/7 and English, Mathematics and one other subject at B/6.


37 points including 6,6,6, at Higher level with no retakes and including Biology and Chemistry. In addition, three subjects at Standard level with average of grade 6. Candidates should also submit certificates for other nationally recognised exams.

Scottish Higher

AAAAB, including Biology (preferably Human Biology) and Chemistry. These are to be obtained at the first sitting of Highers. In addition, National 5s in English, Mathematics, Biology , Chemistry and one other subject. 3 Advanced Highers / Highers to be taken in 6th year, including Advanced Higher Biology (preferably Human Biology) or Chemistry, all usually at grade B.

Scottish Advanced


Dundee Dental School Admission Tests








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Graduate Entry





University of Dundee Dentistry Work Experience

Ideally, candidates will have around 2 weeks of work experience. This is not compulsory but it is recommended so that candidates make an informed decision to study dentistry.


Dundee Dental School Personal Statement

The personal statement is not used in selection for interview, however, it may be used at interview.


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Dundee Dentistry Interview



10 stations

Each 7 minutes


December to February


  • Why you want to study Dentistry?

  • What makes Dentistry at Dundee unique

  • Communication skills

  • Personal Statement

  • Your values


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