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Overview of King's College London Dentistry


King's Dentistry BDS course combines the latest thinking in dental education with early clinical experience. You will be taught by internationally renowned staff and exposed to a rich breadth of skills and knowledge in a diverse clinical environment.

Key benefits

  • Evidence-based and research-led degree course with a high level of clinical experience in all areas.

  • Teaching excellence (Dentistry at King’s was ranked 1st in the UK in the 2021 QS subject rankings)

  • State-of-the-art clinical, simulation and technical facilities.

  • Largest dental school in the UK graduating around 150 dentists a year.

  • Partnership with the world-famous hospitals: Guy's, King's College and St Thomas'.

  • Taught alongside Dental Therapy & Hygiene students.

  • Opportunity to intercalate a BSc degree.


KCL Dentistry Course Structure

The curriculum enables students to assist in the dental care of patients from year one and assume an appropriate level of responsibility for patient care at an early stage. Throughout your degree, the balance of teaching will shift from theoretical and academic science to practical and clinical experience. The final three years of the course are designed to give students extensive clinical exposure with structured placements for practice in the community, as part of a dental team, providing care in diverse settings.

The working environment is structured into cross-year undergraduate teams so that students benefit from working and studying with the same group of teachers and peers throughout their time at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences.

King's College London Dentistry Entry Requirements


grade 6/B in both English Language and Mathematics if not offered at A-level.

A Levels

A*AA at A level including Biology or Chemistry, in addition to studying one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology. If Maths is being used to meet the subject requirement, then we cannot consider Further Maths as the third A-Level. Please note that A-levels in General Studies, Critical Thinking, Thinking Skills and Global Perspectives are not accepted by King's as one of your A levels. If you are taking linear A-levels in England, you will be required to pass the practical endorsement in all science subjects.


35 points including 766 at Higher Level, with HL Chemistry or HL Biology, and an additional one of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths (either Analysis & Approaches or Applications & Interpretation) or Psychology at Higher Level at grade 6. The total point score of 35 includes TOK/EE. Additionally, grade 5 at Standard Level is required in English and Mathematics if not offered at GCSE.

Scottish Higher

AAA at Higher in one sitting and AA at Advanced Higher (we do not count the Higher and Advanced Higher in the same subject). Must include grade A in Advanced Higher Chemistry or Biology, and an additional one of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths or Psychology (we do not count the Higher and Advanced Higher in the same subject).

Scottish Advanced

Maths and English are required at Intermediate 2/ Standard Credit Grade 1 or 2/National 5 with B.


King's College Dentistry Admission Tests








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Kings Dental School Work Experience

We would normally expect that applicants will have undertaken some voluntary work experience in a caring/health environment and/or observation in a dental clinical setting. It is important for applicants to have a realistic appreciation of what a career as a health professional involves.


KCL Dentistry Personal Statement

Your personal statement is one of the many factors in the overall assessment of your application. The university is looking particularly for evidence of appropriate commitment to, and realistic appreciation of, the academic, physical, and emotional demands of a dentistry degree program and career


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King's College London Dentistry Interview


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December to March


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