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Queens Belfast

Queens School of Dentistry Belfast (A200 BDS)

Queen's University of Belfast Dentistry Overview


The Dental School at Queen's has been responsible for delivering dental education in Northern Ireland since 1920. In the National Student Survey, where final year students have an opportunity to give anonymous feedback on the completion of their 5-year course, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree at Queen’s University is consistently highly rated.


School of Dentistry Belfast Course Structure

Stage 1 and 2

Students are attached to dental clinics and also undertake modules where they learn about the foundations of clinical practice including the biomedical and behavioural sciences as well as the principles of dental patient management, dental health promotion and core clinical dental skills.

Stage 3

Introduces a greater clinical component within the various clinical dental specialties as well as developing students’ core clinical skills in Restorative dentistry. Students also learn about the impact of systemic disease in dentistry.

Stage 4 and 5

Emphasis is on teaching advanced dental clinical skills within the range of clinical specialties in dentistry. Students carry out the full range of dental treatment for their own adult and child patients. Clinical tuition takes place in classes within the Dental School and in Outreach dental clinics.

Royal School of Dentistry Belfast Entry Requirements


For NI and GB applicants, GCSE performance in the best 9 subjects will be scored with 4 points awarded for an A* (grade 9 in the new grading scale) and 3 for an A grade (grade 8/7 in the new grading scale). Points are not awarded for B and C grades (grades 6, 5 and 4 in the new grading scale).

A Levels

AAA at A-level including Biology/Human Biology and Chemistry. GCSE Mathematics minimum grade C/4 is required if not offered at AS-level or A-level. For A-level School Leavers a maximum of one Applied A-level will be counted. Please also note that only one Mathematics subject will be counted at A-level. A-level Critical Thinking and both A-level and AS-level General Studies are not acceptable.


36 points overall including 6 6 6 at Higher Level including Biology and Chemistry + GCSE Mathematics grade C/4 or an equivalent acceptable to the University

Scottish Higher

Scottish Advanced


Queens School of Dentistry Belfast Admission Tests


UCAT Cut Off at University of Queen's (Belfast) Dental School

The UCAT is considered in a holistic manner - there is no specific UCAT Cut Off Score

  • UCAT 12.5%, GCSEs 87.5% + PS

  • Assign score to UCAT 0-6 points, 

  • Assign score to GCSE points 4 for A*, 3 for A etc

  • Consideration of SJT use for 2023 entry

👉🏼 Past Thresholds ie Cut Off Scores for Queens Belfast BDS Dentistry Programme for INVITATION TO INTERVIEW

  • 2023 Entry: 37 points

  • 2022 Entry: 33 points (scoring system changed here)

  • 2021 Entry: 33 points

  • 2020 Entry: 32 points

  • 2019 Entry: 32 points

👉🏼 AVERAGE Queens Belfast BDS Dentistry Score for INVITATION TO INTERVIEW

  • 2023 Entry: 39.1 points

  • 2022 Entry: 37.1 points (scoring system changed here)

  • 2021 Entry: 37.7 points

  • 2020 Entry: 37.4 points

  • 2019 Entry: 37.4 points

👉🏼 LOWEST Queens Belfast BDS Dentistry Score for GIVEN AN OFFER

  • 2023 Entry: 37.0 points

  • 2022 Entry: 33.0 points (scoring system changed here)

  • 2021 Entry: 33.0 points

  • 2020 Entry: 32.0 points

  • 2019 Entry: 32.0 points

👉🏼 AVERAGE Queens Belfast BDS Dentistry Score for GIVEN AN OFFER

  • 2023 Entry: 39.2 points

  • 2022 Entry: 37.2 points (scoring system changed here)

  • 2021 Entry: 37.6 points

  • 2020 Entry: 38.1 points

  • 2019 Entry: 37.9 points






Course Information

Graduate Entry



School of Dentistry Belfast Work Experience

Work experience in a dental clinical setting is not a requirement for admission.


Royal School of Dentistry Belfast Personal Statement


Not scored in the selection process, but evidence of commitment and motivation to follow a career in dentistry is expected.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?





School of Dentistry Belfast Interview Questions 2024

Key Details


4 Stations

4-6 minutes per session

Important Dates

December to February

Key Topics

  • Resilience.

  • Maturity and responsibility.

  • Communication.

  • Confidence.

  • Ethics and moral values.

  • Empathy.

  • Awareness of the demands of the course.

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