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Queen's University Belfast Medicine Overview


Founded in 1849, QUB Medical School has been training medical students for over 150 years, itself accepting between 250 and 300 students per year. Queen’s provides an intellectually stimulating course through a variety of teaching styles in lectures, tutorials and clinical experience and is the only medical school in Northern Ireland. Having four major teaching hospitals across Belfast alone, Queen’s is an exciting place to study medicine with students experiencing clinical practice in a variety of hospitals, general practice and healthcare settings throughout Northern Ireland from first year onwards.


Queen's University Belfast Course Structure

Queen’s is an exciting place to study medicine with our students experiencing clinical practice in a variety of hospitals, general practices and healthcare settings throughout Northern Ireland from first year onwards. During the first two years of the degree you learn about the scientific basis of medical practice. Teaching of basic science subjects is integrated with clinical skills training which you acquire through clinical simulation and practice with patients. The third year has a greater clinical focus. Classroom-based and clinical teaching takes place in each of the medical and surgical disciplines, which is integrated with therapeutic, pathological and microbiological principles relevant to clinical medical practice in longitudinal clerkships in hospitals and general practices all over Northern Ireland. During the fourth and fifth years you gain further experience in child health, women's health, mental health, cancer, Ageing and Health.

Belfast Medical School Entry Requirements


Grade 4 (C) in Mathematics & Physics or in double science. GCSE performance in the best 9 subjects will be scored with 4 points awarded for an A* (grade 9 on the new 9-1 grading scale), 3 points for an A (grades 7 and 8), 2 points for a B (grade 6) and 1 point for a C*/C (grades 4 and 5).

A Levels



36 points Subject requirements: 3 Higher Level subjects are grade 6 include Chemistry and Biology

Scottish Higher

ABBBB Subject requirements: any subjects are accepted

Scottish Advanced

Typical offer: AA (for AAAAA Highers),AAB (for AAAAB Highers), AAA (for ABBBB-AAABB Highers) Subjects required: Chemistry plus one other subject from; Biology/Human Biology, Mathematics or Physics.


Queen's University Belfast Medicine Admission Tests



How Does Queen's Medical School Look At The UCAT?


The UCAT is used with GCSEs to rank for interview at Queen's. 

12.5% weight to UCAT. 87.5% weight to top 9 GCSEs.






Course Information

Graduate Entry

There is no Graduate Entry Program at Queen's University Belfast for Medicine



Queen's University Belfast Medicine Intercalation Year Yes, at the end of second or third year, students may apply to take a year out of their medical degree to study for an intercalated degree. This extra research focused year will lead to either a qualification at Bachelor or Master’s level.


Work Experience for Queen's University Belfast Medicine

It is accepted that it can be difficult for candidates to have equal access to clinical work experience and therefore it is not specified as a requirement for admission. Applicants are encouraged to obtain caring experience whether through volunteering or in paid employment as this is valuable in making informed decisions on career options.


Personal Statement for Queen's University Belfast Medicine

Personal Statements are not scored as part of the selection process. There should be evidence of commitment and motivation in the personal statement. This should include evidence of what the candidate has done to find out about Medicine as a career. Participation in activities within or outside School demonstrating transferable skills such as leadership, empathy, teamwork and communication skills is also important information for you to include.


Does This Medical School Have A Gateway or Foundation Year?





Queen's University Belfast Medicine Interview



Queen's University Belfast Medicine Interview Dates: January-March


Belfast Medical School Interview Questions /Topics

  • Empathy

  • Problem-solving

  • Moral reasoning

  • Communication skills


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